Meet Little Artist Morgan and Her Mini-Me Doll!


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Remember the thrill of birthday money? Somehow, the sight of that flat little envelope was more exciting than any big, shiny gift. It meant freedom, and it meant possibility. And if there’s one thing we believe in at Budsies, it’s that possibilities should be endless.

On her 10th birthday, Morgan used her birthday money to bring one of her favorite drawing to life, a rag doll with a mix of traditional characteristics such as a stitched mouth and feminine touches like polished fingernails. She called it her “mini-me doll”, because it she says it looks like her. The birthday girl is especially fond of her Budsie’s button eyes and blue striped hair.

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morgan's custom budsie“Morgan never had a bigger smile on her face than when she first saw her Budsie,” said her mother Sheridan. “Thank you, Budsies team!”

While Morgan is away at school, Morgan’s mini-me doll can be found lounging around the house or the backyard like a typical tween. Mini Morgan sleeps in Morgan’s bed and comes along on the occasional car ride. Next month, the two will embark on a road trip from their home in New Jersey all the way down to Disney World.

“I love my Budsie because I drew her all by myself with no help!” said Morgan.

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