4 Unique Ideas To Help Your Kids Retain Their Educational Knowledge This Summer

Child Reading Book

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Summer is a time for kids to relax and for parents to spend more time with their sons and daughters. However, summertime can also be a period in which children play video games or simply sleep until noon. What are some ways in which a parent can make sure that his or her children don’t forget what they learned in school over the previous year?


1. Parents Should Require Children To Read For 30 Minutes A Day

One way to make sure that children don’t forget what they learned over the previous school year is to read at least 30 minutes a day. Parents should allow and encourage their kids to read books, magazines or educational articles published online. As long as the content helps to build a child’s vocabulary, build critical thinking skills and is age appropriate, it will be beneficial.

2. Take Trips To The Museum Or Science Center

A trip to the museum or science center allows kids to learn more about the topics that were studied in school in recent months. It may be possible to take part in interactive exhibits that allow kids to conduct experiments or feed an animal. These experiences will helps kids understand that what they learn at school matters in their lives.

3. Enroll Your Child In A Summer Learning Program

Summer learning programs, like the ones at Miniapple International Montessori School, are generally designed to be fun and engaging. Instead of forcing a child to learn about topics that he or she doesn’t like, children can spend more time focusing on whatever topics that they do want to learn more about. In addition to retaining knowledge, it may be possible to make new friends during the summer break.

4. Have Them Keep A Journal Over The Summer

Keeping a journal helps a child retain a technical command of the language. It may also help a child increase his or her communication skills, as clear writing is important for success in school and at work. If there is a topic that your son or daughter is particularly passionate about, you may allow your child to start a blog and build an audience.

While children should have the chance to enjoy summer, vacations should be considered a break from school as opposed to a break from life. Children should remain engaged with the world around them and be pushed to explore their favorite subjects further. When done properly, a child can have fun and get a head start on the following school year.

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