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Best Creative Gifts for Kids to Help Inspire the Imagination

If you want to encourage your child to explore their imagination and embrace their inner child for years to come you may want to consider investing in one of these toys.

Celebrating Self Love

Embrace your beauty! Budsies is celebrating self-love. Take a moment to value your uniqueness and see some of our favorite custom creations.
Beyonce Budsies Selfie Fan Art

When fans take their love to a whole new level

Nothing says you've made it to star status like having a custom stuffed plush created...
dragon stuffed animal

Create a dragon stuffed animal

Kids have huge imaginations and it's easy to make a dragon stuffed animal. The dragon is one of the best fairytale creatures to turn into a Budsie.

Create a Tardigrade Stuffed Animal

The tardigrade, also known as water bear, is a very unique looking creature. Make your own Budsies tardigrade stuffed animal.
Kids love mermaid stuffed animals

Kids Create Their Own Mermaid Stuffed Animals

You don’t have to have kids to know that mermaids are really popular with children. Now they can make their own Budsies mermaid custom stuffed animal.
custom stuffed animals