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Every child has a favorite stuffed animal that protects them at night and is their best friend during the day. Selecting the best stuffed animals for kids takes some consideration as you want them to immediately bond with it and bring them comfort all during their childhood. Keep in mind the material and color of the stuffed animal that you choose. It should be safe for kids and also be a color that they are fond of. Pick an animal that they have a strong affinity for and make it extra huggable to ensure maximum success with your child.

To help narrow down your search for the best stuffed animals for kids, we’ve put together this list that will make shopping for your child all that much more fun. So, go ahead and take a look!

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1. Budsies Custom Stuffed Animals from Art

Turn your child’s artwork into the best stuffed animal friend with a Budsies custom stuffed animal. Their monster or character creation can be literally transformed from the paper into a huggable plush animal for them to love. Not only will this bring your child’s imagination to life but it will allow them to have that friend they have been dreaming about right in their very own hands. And, at 16 or 30 in., there will be plenty of love 😉 This will certainly be your child’s friend for life and bring them many memories to come – all from artwork they drew!
Available: From $115

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2. Aurora World Lil Benny Phant

When it comes to kids, cuddly is best, and the Aurora World Lil Benny Phant is one of the softest stuffed animals to love. This 9-inch plush elephant comes in blue, pink or gray, allowing you to pick the one that is perfect for your little one. If your child loves elephants or is looking for a sympathetic pal, then Lil Benny Phant is just right for him or her.
Available: Amazon, $12

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3. EpicKids’ Stuffed Penguin

Penguins are popular and no doubt the EpicKids’ Stuffed Penguin will be a hit with your child. Available as a boy or girl pal, this friendly and huggable little mammal is safe for kids with no buttons or beads to fall off or swallow. It is machine washable and just the perfect size for little hands at 5 in. This Stuffed Penguin will make the perfect companion for a boy or a girl.
Available: Amazon $8.97

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4. Waggables Custom Stuffed Plush Balls

Your child can now design their very own stuffed animal plush ball! They can pick the color and features to look like their pet or a dream pet. This soft and cuddly stuffed animal will provide hours of fun. At 8 inches it is ideal for hugging and makes a good nighttime companion. This is a good selection for a child with a curious mind and a love of animals, of course.
Available: $29.95

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5. Aurora Lion Tubbie Wubbie

As the fiercest animal in the jungle, the Aurora Lion Tubbie Wubbie will be sure to protect and watch over your little one. With soft fur and a squeezable body, this 12-inch toy can make even the most reserved child squeal with glee. Ideal for a boy or a girl, the Lion Tubbie Wubbie will be a friend for life.
Available: Amazon $10.19

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6. Petsies Custom Stuffed Animal Of Your Pet

Whether you have a family dog or a pet goldfish, your child can have a cuddly stuffed animal that looks exactly like their favorite pet with a Petsies custom stuffed animal. Using photos of your pet, Petsies will get the exact detail of your pet down pat including that little spot under their chin. It’s hands down the best stuffed animal for kiddos! With life-like accuracy, your child will have a lookalike of their pet that they can squeeze as hard as they want. At 10 and 16 inches, your child will feel right at home with this stuffed animal creation. This is also ideal to help remember a pet that your child has lost.
Available: $199

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7. GUND Slumbers Teddy Bear

Every child needs a teddy bear in their stuffed animal collection and the GUND Slumbers Teddy Bear is a solid choice. This bear measures a full 17 inches giving your child plenty of hugging room. Just as the name suggests, your child will enjoy nap time that much more with the Slumbers Teddy Bear by their side.
Available: Amazon $21.43

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8. GUND Baby Ugg Dinosaur

For every child that has a fascination with dinosaurs, GUND offers the Baby Ugg Dinosaur. This prehistoric creature will nestle in with your child at night and be their constant friend during the day. At 11 inches tall, it is the perfect go-to stuffed animal for your child. Plus, it will give them a real live dinosaur to keep in their room.
Available: Amazon $19.95

best stuffed animals for kids 99. Aurora Stuffed Unicorn Celestial

With everything centered around unicorns these days, we need to make sure to include the Aurora Stuffed Unicorn Celestial on our list. This enchanted plush animal is 8 inches and features soft fur to cuddle with. Your child will adore Celestial the moment they see her and have plenty of princess parties with her by their side.
Available: Amazon $9.86

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10. Wild Republic Sloth

For the adventurous child, try the Wild Republic Sloth. While not advisable for children under three, it does make for a fun stuffed animal to play with and hang about. Measuring a full 12 in., the Sloth is plenty big for your little one to love. Your child will love its silly nature and be taken by its generous fur. Let’s just hope your child doesn’t imitate its habits, for your sake.
Available: Amazon $12.41

While we hope you enjoyed this top 10 list of the best stuffed animals for kids, we know whatever plush animal you select for your child, they will love it for years to come.

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