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kids' Drawings Stuffed Animals

Art to Plush

Doodles, Drawings & Artwork 

plush dolls people

Plush Dolls

Custom Dolls of People

puppet dolls people

NEW! Puppets

Create Your Own Puppet

custom stuffed animal of your pet

Pet Plush

Based on Your Pet's Photo


custom face socks

Face Socks

Custom socks in unique patterns

custom face keychains


Your Photo on a Plush Keychain

turn photos of people into pillows

Custom Pillows

Portrait Pillows of People 

custom photo pillows

Photo Pillows

Your Photo on a Throw Pillow

turn drawings into custom stuffed animals

Detailed Art

Premium Plush & Faux Furs

Art to Plush

Plush Dolls

NEW! Puppets

Pet Plush


Face Socks

Photo Keychains

Custom Pillows

Throw Pillows

Detailed Commissions

Free Creativity Kit with Gift Box + Voucher purchase

Includes everything you need to draw a picture & turn it into a stuffed animal.

creative gift for kids creative gift for kids

We love to see the reactions people have when they open their Budsies & Selfies! Their genuine surprise and appreciation for their special gift is so heartwarming.

Plush Production & Manufacturing

Looking to order more than one plushie? We do bulk plush production through our sister company, Stuffed Animal Pros. 

Best for brands, agencies, authors, retailers, and illustrators purchasing quantity 50+

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The Budsies Pals Program

Help us give kiddos a reason to smile this year!

Every year, we partner with different hospitals to bring joy and comfort in the form of huggable stuffed animals to the children undergoing treatment. I have been blown away by the response from our community and the kindness of strangers towards these brave kiddos. Together, we've been able to surprise over 90 children with their own huggable Budsies pal, and we're about to surprise 50 more! Visit our Budsies Pals page for more information and to see our past

Amidst all the sadness and injustice happening worldwide, I appreciate that we can pause to embrace our humanity and spread more love. Thank you for helping us make a more huggable world!

gifts for kids

The Budsies Pals Program

Every year, we partner with different hospitals and sponsors to bring joy and comfort in the form of huggable stuffed animals to children undergoing treatment. Amidst all the sadness and injustice happening worldwide, I appreciate that we can pause to embrace our humanity and spread more love. If you're interested in sponsoring a child, you can learn more here

gifts for kids

Creating a World Where Magic & Creativity Thrive!

personalized gift

Budsies empowers artists and creatives of all ages: from the 3 yr old drawing his first ever doodle creature to the 73 year old publishing her 10th graphic novel. We aim to show children that the impact of their imagination has no limits - that a few brushstrokes can manifest a huggable 3-eyed, pink-haired, Kerflufflepuff that defends the galaxy (aka their bedroom) against monsters, and that their own ideas, no matter how simple or fanciful, are worth turning into real-life creations.

But creativity does not (or should not!) wane with age. Instead, we embrace the designers, the illustrators, the deviants, and the accidental artists who get inspired to create something for the first time in decades. If creativity is your livelihood, then we celebrate you and are in awe of your life's work. If creativity is your escape, then we are thankful you chose to share your passion with us. Here’s to the artist in all of us!

We can turn anything into a custom stuffed animal

Take a look at all of the different types of plushies we've made so far, from children's drawings to book illustrations, and original characters to look-alikes of friends and family. There is no limitation!

Thank You for the Love!

We’re honored (& blushing) with all the attention

  • Parents magazine custom gift
  • Shark tank personal stuffed animal from photo
  • Stuffed animal from photo of drawing NYT
  • Stuffed animal from pet cnbc
  • Today custom stuffed animal from photo
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