Budsies Gift Boxes

  • The perfect holiday gift (even last minute!) 
  • Limited- amount available. Ships in time for U.S. Christmas.  Gift cards also available
  • Has everything your kiddo needs to create an awesome Budsies- learn more here!  
Custom unique gift stuffed animal

Turn Any Art Into
A Real Stuffed Animal

Handmade with Love

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Creating forever memories in plush form

Budsies: Stuffed Animals of Art
kids' Drawings Stuffed Animals
  • For Doodles, Drawings & Artwork 
  • Materials: Super soft plush
  • 2 rounds of quality inspection
Selfies: Plush Dolls of People
plush dolls people
  • Plush Dolls from Photos of People 
  • Materials: Super soft plush
  • Custom embroidery & costumes
Advanced: Plush Commissions
turn drawings into custom stuffed animals
  • For Advanced Drawings & OC's 
  • Specialty Plush & Faux Furs 
  • Sneak peek & 2 rounds of changes
Petsies: Plush Lookalike of Your Pet
  • Perfect for any pet, past or present 
  • Materials: Specialty furs, noses & eyes
  • Advanced Airbrushing Techniques
Budsies gift box

Budsies Gift Boxes - Limited Quantity

Check out our awesome Budsies Gift Box—a fun, creative way to help inspire your kiddo's imaginative little minds. The box includes a Budsies voucher, crayons, a sketchpad, a story book/drawing book, and a 6" stuffed animal of Dongler (the main character from the story book).

  • The perfect holiday gift (even last minute!)
  • Encourages children to express their creativity
  • Contains everything your kiddo need to draw epic creatures and turn them into Budsies

Custom Plush for Your Brand

Bring your unique brand, character or logo to 3D life!

The city of Delray Beach turned their mascot into a stuffed animal
The City of Delray Beach brought their mascot to life

Handling All Your Plush Needs

  • We've worked with The Honest Co., SMART Company, restaurants, book authors, YouTube publishers, and hundreds of brands worldwideour designers bring your unique brand's character or logo to 3D life!
  • Rapid prototyping for tight timelines
  • We handle everything: from design to production to delivery
  • No order minimums

Thank You for the Love!

We’re honored (& blushing) with all the attention

  • Parents magazine custom gift
  • Shark tank personal stuffed animal from photo
  • Stuffed animal from photo of drawing NYT
  • Stuffed animal from pet cnbc
  • Today custom stuffed animal from photo
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