Budsies Creativity Kit Gift

Design a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal with your kiddo using our Budsies Gift Box. It's a fun, creative experience you'll both cherish! You can use the Budsies voucher for ANY drawing, photo, or work of art of your choosing, whether it's an older drawing or something brand new you create.

Amazing Deal:  For the price of a regular Budsies, you can also get the Creativity Kit (for free) when you choose the Kit + Voucher Gift Box option below! 

Recommended for ages 4+
  • The perfect holiday gift (even last minute!)
  • Encourages children to express their creativity
  • Contains everything to draw creatures and turn them into Budsies

Select Your Box

Creativity Kit
(no Budsie)
Best Value
With 16″ Budsie
($169 value)
With 30″ Budsie
($228 value)
Vouchers include free S&H for Budsie ($13.95 value!).
Available only in U.S.

Explore the Magical Contents

Dongler's Dinner Quest: Storybook + Drawing Book

See Preview

Dongler's Dinner Quest: Storybook + Drawing Book

  • Dongler's story inspires imagination while the integrated drawing pages provide an outlet for your child's artistry
  • Join Dongler on his journey home from a long day at the Charming Chowmungle Chocolate factory
  • Overcome 3 challenges along the way by drawing friendly creatures that help Dongler get home to his lovely wife
  • Share your child's drawings and see what other children from around the world have created

Budsies Voucher


Budsies Voucher

  • We bring the lucky child's artwork to life!
  • Voucher available for either a 16″ regular sized or 30″ supersized custom plush Budsie
  • Includes shipping & handling to US address
  • The perfect next step for the child's drawings