Gift cards are a great way to instantly give the magic of Budsies

$100 = 1 custom plush incl. shipping

Why you should buy a gift card

Gift cards are available for any amount

Digital and physical gift cards available

Perfect if you don't have artwork handy

The New Creativity Kit
The best way to give the gift of Budsies

Detailed Information

How do gift cards get delivered?

Your gift card will get delivered instantly via e-mail as a printable PDF attachment. We also offer free optional delivery of physical gift cards. Please select your delivery method and recipient in the order form above.

What amount should I get the gift card for?

You can find the current prices of our products here: Budsies, Selfies, Petsies.

How do I order physical gift card?

Please select "Send Gift Card to friend" and then "Send through post office" in the form above. The physical gift card will be sent to the Shipping Address specified during checkout. If you'd like it sent to you, simply use your own address as the Shipping Address.

Is there a fee? What's the fine print?

There is never a fee for purchasing gift cards. Gift cards remain valid for a full year after the purchase date.

Have additional questions?

Check out our FAQ page at support.budsies.com. You'll also be able to email us from there if you'd like some additional help.