Specialty Plush Commissions

Due to an overwhelming demand for specialty commissions, we use a waitlist system to order! Claim your spot in line by entering your email. You can also order a custom pillow of your character or a regular Budsies (see guidelines below to help you choose between a Budsies or a Specialty Commission). 

Specialty Commissions vs Budsies

Don't know whether you should choose a Specialty Commission or a regular Budsies? This might help! 

 When to Choose a Specialty Commission: 

commission custom plush
  • You have a more complex design
  • You would like specialty materials & furs  
  • You'd like to provide feedback & see images of your design before it's sent to you

 When to Choose a Regular Budsies:

custom stuffed animals
  • Your design isn't super detailed or complex
  • You'd like super soft plush (no furs & specialty materials)
  • Sneak Peek not included (would pay extra fee) 

Custom Original Character Plushies

100% Custom Made | Specialty Plush & Furs | Feedback During Production

Handmade 3D plushies of your original characters, drawings and designs. Made by our most experienced design squad.

  • All patterns are custom-made by hand

  • High quality plush fabrics, including specialty faux furs

  • Receive photos of your plush during production with two rounds of changes

  • 16” regular or 30” supersize upgrade*

$249 $215

6 month interest-free financing available. Learn more.

customer preview of stuffed animal being made

Give Feedback During Production

Included with Specialty Commissions

This service gives you the opportunity to be involved in bringing your character to life! Once your designer creates your plushie, they'll send you photos and you'll be able to provide feeback on any changes you want. Please Note: this is not a mockup of your design, it's photos of the final plushie that you can either approve or request changes to. You will get up to two rounds of changes to ensure we captured your character how you envisioned it. This is an amazing benefit for illustrators, artists and designers who have a very specific vision for their character in 3D. 

Add [email protected] to your contacts to ensure delivery of your plush proofs. To avoid unncessary delays of your order, proofs not responded to within 4 days are considered approved.

NEW: Custom Color Selector

Our color selector, which is only available for Specialty Commissions, gives you even more control over the design of your plush. As the artist, you get to personally choose the colors you'd like us to use for your creation.

specialty commissioned plush colors

The Best Team of Plush Artists

Some folks worry about sending designs to a "big company" instead of an individual plush designer, but we are just a small team of people, and we work with amazing individual designers. 

With Budsies, you get the best of both worlds: individual artistic attention with great customer service.

  • We are a small team of humans who love plush and care about your character. There are no robots or corporate drones here. 
  • Our Specialty Commissions are only worked on by our most experienced designers who have been trained specifically for advanced artwork. 
  • We have been serving the OC, anime, furry, manga, etc. artist community for years. We understand what matters to you. Shape, fur quality, detail: it's all important!

Tips for getting the best plush results

We absolutely love turning your designs and characters into huggable 3D plushies. As the artists, you've created something special and unique to who you are, and we are happy we get to help bring that creation to life. We want to make sure you have the best experience with us as possible, so here are a few tips that will help you get the best results possible. 

ref sheet maker

1. Ref sheets. We don't require ref sheets, but clear, flat color ref sheets do help our designers see all the important aspects of your character.

2. Don't skimp on the description. Be sure to describe every single detail you want on your plush. Even if it's present on the ref sheet, it’s helpful to reinforce the most important aspects of your design.

3. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Our team is more than happy to help answer your questions. We want you to have a great experience!

4. Shades of color & designs with gradients may not be exactly matched. While we have an array of colors, certain characters with a lot of different shades can be difficult to match precisely. Our designers have to work within plush limitations, so solid colors work best. 

Looking for a good Ref Sheet maker?

Here are a few Ref Sheet Makers that have created awesome Budsies ref sheets in the past.

Vaporotem: @vaporotem 

Ghoul-doodle: @Ghoul-doodle 

GiraffeDJ: @giraffeDJ 

Specialty Commission Alternatives


Character Pillows


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