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There are some classic gifts that never go out of style. The Nerf gun is one of those toys! As a child, there was no better feeling than having the weight of having a Nerf gun in your hands with the end pointed towards your best friend. The harmless iconic toy has a long history of providing kids with hours of fun! These toys featuring foam-rubber darts are still going strong with kids and adults alike today making them great gift options.

Facts about the Nerf Gun

  • It can shoot darts up to 55 mph.
  • The highest firing rate is 151 darts in just 30 seconds.
  • In 1970, the Nerf ball was the first official indoor playing ball.

Nerf gun

The history of Nerf guns

The original foam balls were made by the Parker Brothers in 1969 and sold more than 4 million in just a year. Today, Nerf guns are designed and made at the Hasbro toy company, headquartered in Rhode Island and manufactured in Hong Kong. The first blaster was invented in 1989. They are also made to shoot foam balls and darts. Now you can add additional attachments and barrel extensions, automatic firing, and advanced capacity to your Nerf gun. 

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Nerf guns have been described as one of the best toys around. Their innovative and creative designs allow a person to have fun with their friends and family and also not getting harmed in the process. 

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