How to Throw the Best Virtual Birthday Party

virtual birthday party

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Kids love celebrating their birthday. It’s one of their favorite days of the year. With the Coronavirus lingering, even more of these celebrations will be held with social distancing in mind or virtually. But that doesn’t mean they have to be less memorable or fun. We have some ideas so you can throw the best virtual birthday party.

birthday giftYour child is probably missing family members and friends right now due to the social distancing rules. Trying to plan a birthday party around those rules can be really tough. If your child is used to having a large birthday party with all their family and friends there to celebrate, a smaller celebration is likely to be a letdown. Buddy Pillows are a great alternative if a Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle, best friend, or other loved ones can’t come to the birthday party. These custom pillows are made from pictures of your favorite loved ones. They’re perfect to hug and cuddle when you can’t see that someone special face-to-face.

How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party

Throwing a virtual birthday party has many of the same steps as an in-person party. Here are the 5 things you need to do to have a successful virtual birthday party.

  1. Make the Guest List
    The good thing about a virtual celebration is that you can invite everyone! Whether they live next door or on the other side of the globe, distance isn’t a barrier for this party!
  2. Pick a Theme
    It’s easier to throw a cohesive party when there’s a theme. Whether your child is into princesses, dinosaurs, Trolls, or you can even throw a party around their favorite color.
  3. Choose Decorations
    Even though the party is online, you’ll still want some fun decorations. Make a special Zoom background and send it to everyone ahead of time. Add some balloons and streamers to a special chair so the birthday girl or boy really stands out! The bolder the better because don’t forget you’re in a tiny box on the computer, tablet, or phone.
  4. Don’t Forget the Favors
    Plan ahead and prepare to either drop-off or mail party favors or treats. These can range from cupcakes, a piece of birthday cake, or any supplies needed for activities. Don’t forget to include party instructions, including how to log on and any necessary passwords. This is also where you can really play-up the party’s theme and have some fun. Don’t forget the candy! Sugarpova from Tennis star Maria Sharapova has a great assortment of gummies, chocolates, and truffles that are perfect for favor boxes.
  5. Find an Activity
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when throwing a virtual birthday party is not planning an activity. A lot of kids get really shy when they see their friends on Zoom or another online platform. Having an age-appropriate activity and someone in charge of leading it will ensure that everyone has a good time.

Support Small Businesses While Throwing a Virtual Birthday Party

When choosing a virtual birthday party activity, don’t forget to support small businesses. Mom and Pop stores need our help now more than ever! Many have changed their business models and gone digital and virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some virtual birthday party activities that also support small businesses:

  • Peachtree City School of Dance offers live dance parties to match your party’s theme. The instructor can teach princess dances, show the latest hip hop moves, or guide you through the classic dances everyone loves! The party ends with a special Happy Birthday song and dance that everyone will surely remember. Packages start at $200.
  • Mermaid Masterpieces is throwing live birthday paint parties. Guests receive a box filled with everything you need to make your own painting and some fun birthday party goodies. Becky will lead the one-hour class with step-by-step instructions to create your very own masterpiece. Packages start at $250.
  • Create Connect Jewelry Party has several virtual DIY jewelry making party packages. The individual kits have with everything you need to create your own charms that connect to the included snap necklace, bracelet, or earrings. You can choose to self-host the party with their detailed instructions, or they can host. Prices vary.
  • Erika’s Tea Room has created a Tea Party in a Box that’s a wonderful virtual birthday activity for any age. Enjoy a proper high tea with family and friends! The box includes a unique teapot, sugar, creamer, cups and saucers, loose-leaf teas, and your choice from over 30 flavors of their famous homemade scones. Erika’s Tea Room can even customize the teas to match your theme or your favorite flavors. Prices vary.
  • Enjoy a live magic and mind-blowing mentalism show with Magician & Mentalist Harrison Kramer. Even on Zoom, Harrison is able to spotlight the birthday child and the guests with top-notch tricks. Make sure you have your own deck of cards, so Harrison can perform magic in your own hands! Shows start at $350.

Find the Perfect Birthday Gift

virtual birthday partyChoosing the perfect gift will also make this a birthday to remember. It’s probably not a good year to give a trip, or experience gifts since we don’t know how long we’ll be social distancing due to the Coronavirus. Unique and personalized gifts are much better options to make the birthday girl or boy feel really special.

Budsies are custom stuffed animals made from drawings. They’re amazing gift options for kids of all ages. They will love seeing the artwork that they created brought to life! If your child is an animal lover, check out Petsies! They make all types of custom gifts from photos of your four (or two!) legged friends.

Even though 2020 birthday parties look a little different, you can still make sure you throw the best birthday bash. Just because you’re social distancing, doesn’t mean the celebration is any less special. So happy planning and enjoy those birthday festivities.