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Summertime classes encourage kids to keep their blood pumping and their discipline high but in the guise of good, clean fun. Many summer classes take advantage of summer’s warm weather and longer days. Although summer camps offer a wide variety of classes in subjects like music, videography, and even computing, some kids want to spend their summers outside, enjoying the warm weather. If your kids fall into this category, be sure to check out these five summertime activities. They promote muscle and body development, safety awareness, and social skills and etiquette.

1. Gymnastics

Many local sports centers offer gymnastics classes to kids during the summer time. These classes encourage kids to build strength and endurance but in a fun way. After all, what could be more fun than learning how to do a flip on the trampoline or to create the perfect balance beam routine? As an added bonus, these facilities are typically air-conditioned, giving kids an excuse to get out of the summer heat for a while.

2. Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons count as a quintessential summer activity. Kids love swimming lessons because they get to keep cool when it’s hot outside. They also have the opportunity to make local friends. But there are more benefits to swimming lessons than just keeping cool.

According to the Swim Jim website, swimming lessons teach kids how to use their bodies in the water. They also learn to manage themselves and about swimming and water safety. Swimming classes for toddlers will get children used to the water and teach basic strokes, while advanced lessons teach kids swim techniques like the backstroke and head rotation. These lessons are critical to keeping your child safe in the water. Kids don’t have water skills naturally. They have to be taught.

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3. Surfing Lessons

For those who live near the water, surfing lessons are the natural follow-up to swimming lessons. Surfing lessons teach kids how to be safe in the water, how to maneuver their boards for better control, and how to judge wave dynamics. As with swim lessons, surfing lessons also include lessons in water safety as well as tips in water etiquette. It’s possible to find both individual and group lessons, depending on where you live.

4. Cheer Camp

Maybe your kid dreams of being a Laker Girl. If so, then summer cheer camps will teach her the ins and outs of cheerleading. Cheer camps include lessons in dance and gymnastics. Kids also learn fight songs and cheer chants.

Some camps end the week of lessons with a showcase for parents and friends. Cheer camps teach kids teamwork, agility, and discipline. They also give would-be cheerleaders a look into the sport. Kids that get good at cheerleading can sometimes go on to earn college scholarships or join professional teams.

5. Sports Camp

Summer is the perfect time for kids to take up a sport like basketball or volleyball. Many of these sports are played throughout the year in local schools across the US. Putting kids in a summer sports camp dedicated to one of these sports gives them an opportunity to develop the skills they need to play these sports in school.

They also offer kids a way to blow off steam and to make new friends during the summer. For extra fun, parents can look for camps that offer overnight stays. This offers a break for parents and encourages kids to develop some additional skills in independence.

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation and fun summer classes. If you want to sign your kids up for summer classes that they’ll enjoy, look for classes that give them a break from the regular fare they learn in school. Instead, opt for classes that teach your kids physical skills like swimming or gymnastics.

Not only does this help them blow of their extra steam, it also allows them to make new friends, stay in shape, and learn valuable lessons in safety and teamwork. These types of summer classes can be found at local sports organizations, the Y.M.C.A., at local universities, the parks and rec association, and of course, at the local beach.

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