Deployment Dolls Help Military Families Stay Close

daddy doll

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We’re so grateful for the men and women who work tirelessly to protect our country! Part of their job means soldiers are away from home for long stretches of time. Families struggle with missing one another when their loved ones are deployed. Fortunately, Budsies Selfies can help fill the void, even in the smallest of ways, with deployment dolls. These dolls can help you cuddle your loved one, even when they’re oceans apart! All of these stories are really special and we wanted to share them with you.

Daddy Dolls And Mommy Dolls Too!

According to the Center for Military Health Policy Research, Children experience increased stress when their parents are on duty. Little kids can’t comprehend where their parents are or when they’ll return home. Their concept of time can be a bit skewed. Big kids worry too and tend to take on more responsibility at home.

It’s never easy to be apart from your loved one, but Budsies Selfies help ease the pain by giving kiddos the chance to cuddle their parents.

Deployment dolls
Gaby and Lily Jensen excitingly open these mommy and daddy Seflies dolls.

Chief Petty Officer Gloriana Jensen and her husband created Selfies for their two little girls, Gaby and Lily. Both mom and dad have been serving in the Navy for 15 years. Their job is very demanding and causes them to leave home for extended periods of time.

The Jensens created Selfies so their girls could have a “placeholder,” while mom and dad are away. The girls were extremely excited to receive their dolls that look just like Mom and Dad. Lily even hugged mommy doll and yelled

‘now I can sleep with you EVERY night!’

These Budsies Selfies help make their time apart easier, bringing comfort to Gaby and Lily.

Selfies Aren’t Just for Kids

Having a partner who serves in the military is emotionally trying. You miss them like crazy when they are away on duty. Fortunately, Selfies help make it a little bit easier to part from a loved one.

This is true for Dana Amore. Her boyfriend, Captain Joseph Brzozowske serves for the US Air Force, leaving Dana for months at a time. Dana who is a teacher, tries to find the silver lining in the experience. She has her students write letters to deployed service members, helping to bring a smile to their faces in tough times.

Dana too has her own plush Selfie of her boyfriend, hugging the Budsies Selfie helps make missing him a little bit easier. Her students also enjoy cuddling captain Joseph’s Selfie. One student loved to cuddle the Selfie so much that Dana gave him away! She ordered a second one, and now has a new Selfie of him to share with the class.

daddy doll
Dana gave her Selfies doll away to this student who loved hugging it.

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Newlywed Couple Finds Comfort with Custom Selfies Doll

Newlywed couple, Anthony and Shannon, both serve in the US Navy. They deploy separately anywhere from 6-10 months at a time. Shannon got Anthony a Selfie of her so that he can keep her close when serving. The couple loves that Budsies Selfie’s are not just for kids, but for adults too!

custom doll
Anthony Rivera With His Wife’s Selfie doll.

“The Budsie I chose was Made From A picture that my husband took Of me hours before he asked me to marry him. I always told my husband I would be by his side, support him and love him always. This is why the Budsie was perfect! I could create a miniature me for him to always have close when nights seemed lonely. Every age needs comfort.”

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