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Handmade Custom Plush Dolls for the Military

Our nation’s military might serve far from their families, but love overcomes any distance. Celebrate that love with Budsies Selfies huggable custom dolls.

  • Custom-made in the likeness of the service member
  • Perfect gifts for spouses and couples stationed far apart
  • A necessity for kiddos to hug mommy or daddy while they are away

Artisan Made | Fairly Priced | $99 Value


6 month interest-free financing available. Learn more

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones

Does your child wish mom or dad were more present? Is there someone you love that you just don't see often enough? With so many daily distractions, staying connected with loved ones is difficult enough. The schedules and deployments of the armed forces don't make things any easier.

Everyone wishes they connected more with their loved ones. After all, it's the #1 regret people have looking back on their lives.

military daddy doll

A Plush Mini-Me of Mom or Dad

I've seen thousands of amazing Budsies Selfies made over the years. The most heartwarming Selfies are made for kiddos of their parents serving far from home. The kids take their plush "dads" and "moms" with them all over town. From the library to show-and-tell to falling asleep with the "plush parent" by their side, the child and parent are always together.

Marine doll

Celebrate the Heroes in Your Life

From promotions to retirements to redeployments to acts of valor at home or abroad, our nation's heroes deserve to be applauded. Our handmade custom plush figurines are the most unique and personalized way to mark those milestones. I guarantee the recipient will fall in love with their mini me's. In fact, we've seen Selfies become another (albeit hilarious) member of the family. ;)

Discover the Newest Custom Gift

If Budsies Selfies haven't come to your base yet, we'd love to hear from you. After receiving your Selfies, give us a shout and we'll help you spread the good word to your community.

Special Military Perks!

We will always embroider the name, rank, or any other text on any military Budsies Selfie free of charge. Simply write the desired text within the Description field while ordering your Selfie.

We will do our best to match your camo/fatigues based on the patterned fabrics we have available.

Get 10% off a Military Selfie by using the code MILITARYFAMILY

military custom plush doll
dr. seuss loves creativity

“It’s so our boys can always go to sleep with their daddy, no matter where he is in the world. Both of our boys absolutely love their 'daddy doll' as they’ve become known in our house! It’s such a beautiful thing!”  

- Megan, North Carolina

Above All: Thank You!

On behalf of our entire team here at Budsies HQ, I thank you and your families for your service. I appreciate the sacrifices you make for the endurance of our country. You are the reason our great democracy exists within a hostile world. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to send some smiles (and hugs!) to your family.

Thank you,
Alex Furmansky
Founder of Budsies

military gift

Captain Joseph Brzozowske, Air Force, brings his Selfie while volunteering in the community.

220+ Media Accolades

As Seen on CNBC
As Seen on CNBC
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Discover the Most Magical Gift 

Artisan Made | Fairly Priced | $99 Value


6 month interest-free financing available. Learn more

We can turn anything into a custom stuffed animal

Take a look at all of the different types of plushies we've made so far, from children's drawings to book illustrations, and original characters to look-alikes of friends and family. There is no limitation!

NEW! Specialty Commissions

New for 2017! Budsies now offers Specialty Commissions for those with more complex designs. Includes: specialty fabrics, faux furs, preview photos and up to two rounds of changes. Learn more! 

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