Popping the Question with a Selfie

Selfie Budsies help man pull off perfect surprise marriage proposal.


Sweaty palms, fast heartbeat, nerves shot…will the answer be yes?

Nowadays the pressure is on to create the most memorable and romantic moment for your significant other when popping the question. After all, that video of you on one knee and hoping the love of your life says YES will soon be flashing across your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube accounts for the world to see.

Planning the perfect marriage proposal

Chris didn’t take any chances when he decided he wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Alishia, with the important question. He reached out to Budsies to create a custom Selfie of himself down on one knee, holding a special black box for the diamond ring, and a very happy and gushing Alishia plushie.

Marriage proposal with Budsies Selfies

He told our team it was important for Alishia’s doll to look happy and surprised…hopefully predicting the future!

Surprised Budsies Selfie Marriage proposal doll

Take a look at how it all went down:

She said “Yes”

Alishia was surprised when she walked in and saw her friends and family and the elaborate plan that was unfolding in front of her! Chris right away got down on one knee. She reacted just like Chris thought she would, happy and surprised, just like her Selfie!

Chris quickly got up and took Alishia over to a table where his Selfie was holding her engagement ring. Chris grabbed the ring, once again got down on one knee and asked Alishia to marry him. She said “yes!”

You can hear her family and friends cheering for the couple in the background! The couple hug and kiss and it’s time to celebrate!

Custom Budsies Selfie Dolls for marriage proposal

The perfect personalized gift for proposal day

Chris said his proposal day was made even more amazing and special having the Selfies and it’s a great reminder of one of the best days of their lives.

Our entire Budsies team is so happy we could play a small part in their special day. We can’t wait to see wedding photos of Chris and Alishia with their Selfies! Their nuptials are planned for May of this year. Congratulations Chris and Alishia!

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Budsies Selfies help make a perfect marriage proposal