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Are you looking for something extra special for a friend or loved one? Perhaps you’ve seen those giant stuffed bears donning a “happy birthday” or “I love you” sign. Perhaps you’ve even thought that this was the perfect gift. Trust me, you might want to reconsider! But wait, you don’t know me… so how can I expect you to just blindly trust me? Touché random internet reader. Here are the facts and reasons why basic teddy bears just won’t cut it anymore and why your friends and loved ones deserve something much better! 

Reason #1: Teddy Bears Aren’t Special

Even as a kid, I remember receiving and giving teddy bears with every occasion. Mother’s Day? Just snag a teddy bear at the local Walmart with a heart on it. Older brother graduating from high school? He obviously needed a teddy bear with a graduation hat on. But be warned: YOU’RE NOT BEING ORIGINAL. So don’t feel bad when you don’t get the “Gift of the year” award.

Even if you splurge and get one of those giant stuffed animals, it’s still not a personal gift. Perhaps in the moment they’ll be elated… because who isn’t when they see a huge cuddly stuffed animal. But without meaning, the teddy bear will eventually lose it’s allure, and the memory will be lost. Cue super sad music.

Reason #2: Teddy Bears Don’t Build Connections

When you give someone a personalized gift they truly connect and fall in love with, you show the gift recipient that you truly care about what makes them unique. You go above and beyond ease, cost, and societal symbols, and you speak directly to their heart. This ultimately builds stronger relationships and fosters a deeper connection, because it shows that you get them.

How often do you look back on a time when you received a random teddy bear and think to yourself, “wow, this was a really special gift”? Sure, it’s a nice gesture and may be worthy of an “aww”, but your family and friends are worth more than just a nice gesture.

They deserve WOW moments… and so do you! Because at the end of the day, it’s those wow moments that truly stick with us and define our relationships with others. Plus, there is no better feeling than seeing the look on someone’s face when they receive a meaningful gift they truly love, especially when you’re the one that gave it to them. 

Reason #3: Teddy Bears Will Get Thrown Out

We accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, and in order to accommodate new things, we must throw out the old. Unless you’re a hoarder, in which case you enjoy keeping all the things… but I digress.

Since there isn’t anything extra special about our teddy bear friends, they usually don’t stick around for too long. Sad fate, I know. But you don’t want something that has no meaning taking up valuable real estate in your room. Give your loved ones a keepsake they’ll want to keep around forever, and avoid having your gift thrown out with next purge.

Giant Teddy Bear vs Giant Custom Plush

An epic battle of the plush. 

custom plush vs giant stuffed animal

Which will win?
Drum roll, please….Giant Custom Stuffed Animals.

Custom stuffed animals are more than just plush toys. They have all the cuddliness of a teddy bear, but with a personal touch and special connection that no other plush toy can compete with. You’ll definitely achieve wow factor with this extra special gift, just ask Michelle.

Alamo BudsieMichelle’s fiancé surprised her with a custom Alamo plush for her birthday, because Michelle had been obsessed with the Alamo her whole life. It was something he knew she couldn’t find online or in stores, and that it would be extremely special to her. And he was right. Michelle said, “It was the best birthday and engagement gift ever!” You can read the whole story here.

Budsies, a custom plush company in Boynton Beach, Florida, makes these one-of-a-kind custom stuffed animals from art, drawings, designs, sculptures… you name it. All you have to do is send them a picture of what you want plushified and they’ll transform it into the coolest, softest, and most amazing gift ever.

stuffed teddy bears

They even make custom plush dolls from people’s photos — a fantastic graduation or birthday gift, I might add.

custom plush dolls

How to Decide What Plush to Make

This is where your connection to that person comes in handy. What to they enjoy? Do they have a special character they love to draw? A favorite painting? A funny memory? You can secretly turn that artwork or photo into a plushie, like these gift givers did for their loved ones. Watch the adorable Budsies reveal video below. 

Got your heart set on a teddy bear still?

I get it, they are super adorable. But instead of buying just any ole teddy bear, why not create your own custom teddy bear? Not many people can say they designed their own teddy bear before! Check out this colorful creation – the only one of its kind in the whole entire world. 

custom teddy bear

To see more awesome customer photos, check out the gallery. If you need a little more inspiration, you can try the Inspiration Machine too!

No Order Minimum Like Most Plush Manufacturers

The glorious thing about Budsies is there’s no order minimum. You can create just one, or order thousands. Each custom plush is usually around 16”, but there is a supersize 30” option as well. Want something even bigger? You can get a custom quote for any size plush you want. 

big bear stuffed animal

If you’re looking to leave a BIG impression on your loved one, you can get a custom quote here.  

If you want something a little smaller, no worries! You’ll still need to select the 16″ when you place your order, but just put the size you want in the description. The artists and designers will happily work with you.

The Perfect Gift for Anyone

Although Budsies started out with turning children’s drawings into stuffed animals, they aren’t just for kids anymore. Adults, companies, schools, and even book authors have come to Budsies to turn their designs into plush.

  • Designers have their illustrations brought to life
  • Artists turn their original characters into plushies
  • Bands turn their logos into plush
  • Sports teams create stuffed animals of their mascots
  • Authors turn their 2D characters into huggable 3D plushies


There is absolutely no limitation, just your imagination. Forget the typical giant teddy bear and get started at www.budsies.com!

For companies or individuals looking to order multiple plushies, get started on your Bulk Order Quote

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