Creative Adults and Coloring Books

coloring books

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Children are no longer the only ones that use coloring books to express their creativity. Introducing, adult coloring books, the hot new trend taking over shelves of bookstores across the nation.

But why coloring books? There is no doubt that a lot of adults feel the need to be more creative, but coloring books do not offer much in the terms of artistic freedom. Coloring book enthusiasts don’t have much creative license, outside of color and medium — the rest of the process is simply coloring inside of the lines.

Adult Coloring Books Popularity on the Rise

coloring books

Neuroscientist Jordan Gaines Lewis explains that simplicity is one of the reasons that these books have become so popular. Many adults aspire to be more creative but freeze up once they sit down with (colored) pencil in hand.

As well, a 2012 survey from Adobe found that only one in four Americans felt they lived up to their creative potential. While 52 percent of Americans described themselves as “creative.” Coloring books offer a chance to express yourself artistically without the stress of planning and detail. All you have to do is open up a coloring book and get your color on.

With coloring books, creativity is given a gentle push. The lines inspire adults plagued with Blank Page Syndrome and add creativity to their lives. Need another way to flex your creative muscle? Check out “The 10 Commandments of Being Creative.”

The Health Benefits of Being Creative

adult coloring book
Don’t you just want to dive in with a box of colored pencils?

Another reason that adults are flocking to coloring books is the health benefits. Coloring is a great coping mechanism for those struggling with stress and anxiety. The simplistic act of filling pages in with color is incredibly calming. In our busy world we constantly are pushed to be productive — putting that energy toward coloring helps give your mind a break.

Coloring can serve as a nostalgic and soothing pastime, encouraging you to take a short vacation from your busy life. Many people like to color while watching television. I personally like to color to pass the time, taking an artistic pause from the daily grind. Coloring books are a convenient way to get your daily dose of creativity.

Coloring books allow you to be creative while having fun and calming down your mind. Grab an adult coloring book of your own, you’ll have a blast bringing the black-and-white pages to life. If you’re feeling extra creative you can bring your finished coloring page to life as a custom stuffed animal. Happy Coloring!

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