How Meghan’s Superhero Budsie Helped Boost Her Self-Esteem

Megan Superhero Budsie

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Six year old Meghan was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to become one. Thanks to the incredible help from her godfather, “Magic Uncle Steve”, Meghan now knows she can be anything she wants to be, and she can overcome any obstacle.

Just like most six-year-olds, Meghan is very much full of life. She dreams of becoming either a rock star or an artist when she grows up. She behaves herself, and she will do just about anything to make others happy. What Meghan seemed to struggle with was keeping herself happy at times. One day Meghan came home and said to her mom,

“Mom, do you know what I’m good at? Standing up for others. But I’m not so good at standing up for myself”.

For any parent, one thing they never want is for their children to be sad or upset. Steve, longtime friend to Meghan’s parents and also Meghan’s godfather, knew he had an opportunity to make a difference for young Meghan.

Magic Steve’s Plan

Steve tossed around ideas for what he could do to help Meghan boost her self-esteem. His first idea was to have cosplayers, or people who wear costumes to represent specific superhero characters, record messages to Meghan. These would be messages of empowerment that would be sure to encourage Meghan to be proud of who she is. Steve then realized that his six year old goddaughter may not even be familiar with the characters they were portraying.

His next idea was to create a superhero based on Meghan herself. Luckily, Steve’s buddy Wil Brendel is an artist for Lonely Robot Comics. Wil and Steve were able to design a comic book to that would help Meghan overcome her problems.

Comic Book Front PageWhile most little girls would be thrilled to have their own comic book and superhero character based off of them, “Magic Steve” wanted to take it one step further. He had remembered hearing about Budsies and knew that a custom superhero plushie to go along with the comic book would be perfect!

The Reveal

Meghan had no clue she was getting the comic or the Budsie, so Steve was so excited when they both came in. They revealed the comic first, and Meghan was so excited to read it since she’s just learning how to read. However, her godfather knows that Meghan loves plush dolls, so next up was the Budsie! “Once she saw it she immediately pulled it in for a hug”, Steve said when remembering the moment. Meghan made a “Megnificent” corner above her bed with her new poster, comic, and plushie.
Megan with her BudsieMeghan’s mom and Steve were both ecstatic with Meghan’s reaction to the gifts. While Steve has no blood relation to Meghan, he’s such a close friend to her parents that he’s been a part of Meghan’s life since the very first day. In regards to Meghan, Steve said,

“She is quite literally the most important person in my life and I would do anything in my power to make her life better”.

Steve is so happy that Meghan loved and appreciated her gifts. He plans to soon release the comic book digitally. He wants anyone to be able to read this comic book for free so everyone is able to enjoy the positive message. Steve ended with one last note for everyone:

“If ANYONE out there feels like they’re being bullied or just lacks self confidence, remember that you are special. You are worth fighting for. You are magnificent. But still, there’s only ONE… MEGnificent”.

Megnificent Budsie

Create your own custom superhero character for someone you love today!

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