fun indoor games for kids

Indoor games can be a great way to get the whole family involved in some fun. On rainy or hot days when the kids can’t go outside, indoor games can be an excellent way to pass some time. Here are seven great fun indoor games for kids enjoy.

hide and seek game

Kids love playing hide and seek

Hide and seek is a simple classic game. One kid is chosen to be the seeker and all the others have to hide. The seeker closes his eyes and counts to a certain number while the others find something to shield them from being found. The seeker then tries to find everyone. The first one to be found becomes the seeker the next round of the game. It is a really fun game that kids can play for hours.


Set up an indoor scavenger hunt

It’s easy to set up an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide several small items in a room or an area of the house. Create a list of the items that the children have to locate. Then send them on their way to try to find the items on the list. This is a fun and exciting game that the kids will enjoy a lot.

Play the I spy guessing game to help pass the time

I spy is a fun and simple guessing game that can be played anywhere. All you have to do is choose an item or something in your environment. Don’t tell the other person what that object is. Say “I spy” and describe that item. The others have to try to guess the object is. This is a great game that can be played almost anywhere!

The alphabet game is great for learning

This is an exciting and educating game that can be played in different variations. You have to start by choosing a letter, and everyone has to write a name of an object, place, person, and animal that starts with that letter. Start with A and go to Z for some indoor fun that is also great for learning.

Set up musical chairs

Musical chairs is a very enjoyable game for kids to play together. It is very popular for birthdays and playdates. To begin, place chairs in a circle (make sure there is one less chair than how many kids that are playing). Start some music and have the kids walk around the chairs while the music plays. As soon as the music stops, the kids try to find a chair to sit down on. The last kid that doesn’t have a chair to sit down is eliminated. Every round one chair is removed. The child who sits in the last chair wins the game.

online gamesFun online games

Online games are also a great option to pass some time and have fun. There are a lot of fantastic games for kids on websites like Miniclip and Dimble games. Dimble games is a very popular website that has games for every kid. Check out the free online games.

Makeshift basketball game

This is a game that both kids and adults will enjoy. It’s super easy to set up. Start by making some paper balls. Then try to throw them into a basket from a short distance. The person who makes the most shots into the basket wins. You can also play a variation where the longer the shot the more points are awarded.


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