How to Encourage Your Child’s Creative Skills


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Raw creativity, innovation, and powerful imagination are the hallmark of childhood. Every child is unique in some ways and the specific creative skills that he or she develops helps enhance intrinsic motivation in order to become a lifelong learner. If you have ever noticed anything about your kids, you might as well have found out that they always come up with new and refreshing ideas, which are often devoid of bias and prejudice.

Because of this, children should be given opportunity to experiment with new ideas and learn from those experiences. As a matter of fact, a child’s mind is a minefield of creativity and potential that needs to be encouraged and effectively harnessed for better. It is your responsibility, therefore, to supervise and support them. You need to allow them to ask questions and investigate to help themselves develop creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Here are some important tips to encourage your child’s creative skills:

1. Encourage their intuition and spontaneous wit

Your child’s education is not confined within the four walls of his or her classroom, it stretches beyond that. Children have inborn intuition and natural spontaneity and encouraging these attributes in them surely makes them creative even more. There is no need to plan everything; you only have to tell them to act on their creative thoughts and spontaneous wit. It will further encourage the quality of self-expression and spontaneity. Make them more flexible to use their natural intelligence more often than not, which is a precondition to creativity.

2. Give them a space for creating what they want

Give you child plenty of space to draw, create, or construct what he or she wants. It helps develop their cognitive skills, boosts their memory, and enhances their problem solving skills along with making them creative. Encourage your child to be an inventor and ask him or her “what else could this be used as”? Challenging them to utilize unconventional methods to create something can go a long way to enhance their creativity. You can also ask them to create and design birthday candy labels on their own, or give them LEGOs to construct some unexpected figures from them.

Kid in Classroom

3. Encourage self-reliance

Children need to be taught to rely on their own abilities and potential, and be confident about their genuine ideas. Then it becomes crucial for you not to let others to influence their decision making capability. Self-reliance is a rare quality that paves the way for doing something big in life, so encourage your kid to stand up for what he or she thinks, feels, or believes as long as it is innate to their nature. Creativity requires the choice of your child to take precedence over any other thing, this way they will believe that they can bring change around them.

4. Encourage them to participate in healthy competition

Competition brings best out of us. It is also true for kids, but you should not pressure them to perform well as this could be counter-productive for them. Tell them that it is not about who stood first or last, or who performed better or worse. It is only about unleashing their true potential and make them aware of their capabilities. The healthy competition, therefore, makes sure that your child shouldn’t feel the need to always excel; he should feel at ease to express, create, and imagine. You can encourage them to take part in sports, arts, music, plays, or drama. This will make them start believing in their originality that will help them achieve or fulfill their dreams.

Child Playing

5. Encourage them to be confident and adventurous

Confidence is one of the most important prerequisites for inculcating creativity in your kid. It is something that touches every aspect of their lives. Only when your kids are confident enough about their talents and interests will they make a significant progress in life. Apart from that, give your kid a chance to enjoy being adventurous like trekking, running, jumping, skating, or exploring nature. Take advantage of different situations to spark creativity and a sense of adventure in your child.

Final Thoughts

The fact that kids have immense potential in them to change the world for better also makes them resourceful, creative and influential to inspire others to leave a positive mark as well. It is, therefore, the job of their parents to provide them every opportunity and sharpen their creative skills. The above-mentioned tips are an attempt for providing a landscape to the kids to improve their overall personality.

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