How To Clean Your Stuffed Animals

Clean Stuffed Animals

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Now more than ever it is important to keep your kid’s environment clean and free from germs. You’ve taught them good handwashing skills and how to pick up after themselves, but when’s the last time you disinfected your kid’s favorite stuffed animal or teddy bear? Well, that bunny or bear is probably carrying around some dirt or germs that could potentially make you sick. Kids love to tote their favorite plush pal around with them, but their fuzzy friend could also be spreading germs. 

Especially if your child has been sick recently, their soft buddies are likely breeding grounds for germs. If you don’t clean the stuffed animals, you may continue to spread more than love around your house. Not to worry, we have the best tips for cleaning their cute companions so that you and your home remain germ-free. 

DIY Tips to Clean Stuffed Animals Safely

Typically, most stuffed toys should be hand-Clean Stuffed Animalswashed first so that they last. The good news is that if done properly, that is all you should need to do. Handmade plushies like Budsies have intricate details and you don’t want to run the risk of them getting torn or harmed in the process of machine washing. 

Try these do-it-yourself steps for spot cleaning your stuffed animals to make sure that they are ready to get back to playtime:

  1. Fill a basin with warm water and a drop of mild detergent and stir the solution to mix.
  2. Dip a white cloth in water. Don’t use a colored cloth which can cause the color to transfer to your stuffed animal
  3. Submerge the stuffed animal, spot cleaning any stains you see.
  4. Rinse off any soap thoroughly before drying the toy.
  5. To prevent glue or plastic parts from melting, air-dry the stuffed animal. You can roll the toy in a clean white towel to help dry it out.
  6. Voilà, you have a clean stuffed animal!

Hand-washing won’t disinfect quite as well as the washing machine can, but it’s the best choice for fragile toys that won’t survive a run through the wash. And if your doll ever needs more than a wash (missing eyeballs anyone?) call in the professionals: the Doll Doctor’s Association offers a doll hospital locator on its website for any stuffed emergencies.

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