4 Ways to Get Kids Reading Books and Loving Writing

kids reading books

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Children learn to read and write at a young age. But not every child falls in love with reading and writing. Today, too many children are distracted by smartphones, computers, TVs and other devices. It’s sometimes difficult to get a child to put down the screens, go out to play with friends, read a book, or write creatively. Technology for children isn’t all bad. They have the opportunity to get help with homework, play educational games, and access essay writing services when needed. We have four great ways to get your kids reading books and loving to write.

kids reading books

Make Reading and Writing Fun with Games

Anytime you add a game aspect to learning, your child is going to enjoy it more. For example, if your child needs to learn how to write their letters more legibly, you can have them write a letter to Santa Claus. Let your child know that Santa won’t understand anything on your list if it looks like scribbles. Or play a game with your child and pretend that you’re on a desert island. Then have your child write a message and put it in a bottle. Both of these options have your child practicing their writing skills in a fun way. 

Many kids don’t like reading because they lack confidence. If your child doesn’t love picking up a good book and reading it, you can turn it into a production. Take turns reading a page from a book while someone else acts out the scene. The funnier the better. Your child will love laughing with you and will associate reading with having fun. Make sure you pick books about topics that your child enjoys. Head to the library where the book ideas are limitless. 

Explain Why Reading and Writing is Important

It’s hard to get kids reading books or writing in their free time because they think it’s boring. Take the time to discuss with your child why it’s important to learn to read and write to be successful. Share your stories of hardships and successes when you were learning to read and write. If you have any old journals you can show your child what you used to write about. Read your favorite childhood stories and let your kids know why you love books so much. 

kids reading books

Start reading to your child at a very young age. Not only will reading help your young child learn to talk, but it will also build-up their love for books. Teach your child to treat books like they would their favorite toys. Building a love for reading in young kids is much easier than trying to get a third or fourth grader to fall in love with books.

Do not forget to support your child especially if they’re having a tough time in school. This will allow your child to avoid undue anxiety about punishments and disappointment. It also removes a negative emotional tone from the learning process. Make sure you tell your child that if something is not going so well for them that you will be there to help them through it. Your support will help your child to develop a sense of security and can help them to enjoy learning to read and write

Interest is Important

If a child refuses to read books from the school literature list find other books that they may like to read first. Find the genre that they enjoy and go from there. The same thing with writing. Let your child write about whatever he or she wants to. It does not matter what they’re writing, as long as they’re practicing!

Be the best example for your child. Inspire and show them that you like to read and write. Over dinner, you can talk about all the different things you wrote and read during the day. The more they see you read and write, the more likely they won’t make a fuss about learning to read and write. If there is still a problem, you can get help from the experts. 

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