Each family is a small cell. And inside the protective walls of this tiny molecule, there’s a whole amazing Universe that expands itself constantly. Here, you and your kids can mold the laws and rules to your own likeness.

The weekend’s for leisure and the best time to spend some quality time with your family. Fill the weekend with new entertaining and educational experiences and begin to build new turrets within your family system.

I have a lot of experience enjoying weekends with my family. Here are my top five picks for fun weekend activities that you can do with yours.

1. Bike Trips


One day, as I was driving to work on a gloomy rainy morning, I saw something amazing. A dad was cycling in the rain with his son on the back of the bike. They were both calm under a generous raincoat and learning a valuable lesson. Today is the perfect day to ride a bike.

This doesn’t mean that you should welcome any rainy weekend with your kids outside. However biking is a fun and educational way to enjoy precious moments with your family. Your kids will learn that a journey can be as fascinating as the goal itself, and you’ll experience the world outside the comfort of the car together. Not to mention that this is a good opportunity to teach them about road rules from the driver’s perspective. Each trip can be a unique turn of events, which is enough to preserve your child’s memories.

2. Visit a Local Museum

Museums are no longer the realm of dusty stairways and dark rooms. They are embracing technology so that kids learn about interesting fields by using all their five senses. It is a good thing to accustom your children with the fascinating stories that govern the ways of the Universe and our Planet. Kids tend to mimic the behavior of their parents and will acquire a cultured perspective from their family.

Also, the museum will be a good topic for a healthy dialogue between your kids and you. Their minds will be enriched with a new personal trait of being inquisitive. This attribute will open the door to the land of opportunities later on.

3. Organize a DIY (Do it Yourself) Project

During the weekends when the air is too cold to fully enjoy the outdoors, or the puddles are too deep to frolic comfortably through the yard, you can make a DIY project with your kid. Children already have an endless Paradise of imagination. You can teach them to use their brilliant ideas to create something with their own hands.

The beauty of DIY projects is that every work will resemble the personality of its creator. No design will ever be alike, and that is a good thing. Your kids will learn to make a birthday card, origami animals, paintings, collages, volcanoes, and other interesting things while they will also discover something new about themselves.

4. Volunteer


Volunteer work can be a reason for fatigue and complaint. It sometimes seems like an unwanted chore. On the other hand, it can be a fun way to contribute to your community and understand the values of the civic spirit.

You can engage your kids in volunteering projects. There are many proper ways to introduce them to this benevolent activity. You can choose to go on a road trip to the local farm. Here, the kids will learn how to attend to daily chores, while caressing and playing with the animals. You can get involved by joining a gardening club or helping out at a retirement home. The little ones can make an elderly persons day while they have the time of their lives learning chess or stories of wisdom.

5. Visit the Local Park for a Picnic

Why stay indoors when the world is such a beautiful place? Pack up a delicious and healthy lunch for everybody. Bring a blanket, outdoor games, and visit the local park. Make sure the place allows you to stay on the grass. Once there, you will never know what is in store for the weekend. You might bump into old friends and catch up on your accomplishments while the kids are busy exploring the nature.

Going to the park is a great way to get exercise — your kids will love running around or playing active games. Your family can even go on a little mini-safari by exploring the bugs that live their lives under the grass. Their peculiar rituals and habits will be a source of amazement and inspiration for the little ones.

So, how is your weekend looking now? Start planning your weekend activities with your kids and you will turn each end of the week into a happy memory.