Most parents want to feel proud of their kids. Parents try to support them to develop unique skills from an early age. Though many might discover their hidden abilities later in life, childhood is the best age to discover and strengthen their talents.

The young brain is eager for information. There is no time or stress related factors blocking your child from discovering the world. Here are some tips to help with your child’s creativity, bringing out their inner artist

Find Out What Motivates Your Child

Every child has passion that stems from interests and deep inner motivation. You must first uncover and discover your child’s real interests and what motivates these. For example, if your kid is drawn to music and dancing, try to figure out what causes this passion and how it makes them feel. If you get a mature answer you didn’t expect, you might want to invest in this hobby and take your kid to dancing lessons.

No matter what they’re into, try to discover your child’s creative style. What’s their approach? Is the kid truly creative or are they imitating what they see in others? If your child comes up with new ideas that they are excited by they might be gifted. Now your task is discovering what their gift is.

See How Your Kid Likes to Play

You can spot a talent by observing your child’s daily activities, specifically, the way they play! If the kid’s favorite toy is a drawing pad you can get him more tools like watercolors and mechanical pencils for drawing. These could increase the child’s interest due to being young, and genuinely curious. Kids also love to receive and try out new things.

Now, see if this hobby lasts longer than a couple of weeks, if the answer yes, you might be raising an aspiring painter. Boost their confidence by talking about their work and, when the time comes, also get an expert’s opinion on your kid’s work. This will help you decide whether it’s also worth investing in private tutoring.

Offer More Options

Don’t panic if your child doesn’t seem interested in a particular artistic medium. There are plenty of other things they could be good at. Take your time to discover these inclinations together through interactive and fun activities like games, mimicry, role playing, karaoke, storytelling, fixing broken objects, practicing sports or whatever your child finds exciting.

One thing you should steer clear of is forcing extracurricular activities on your child.
If children don’t enjoy what they’re doing, they’ll end up sabotaging themselves just to get rid of this obligation. Bottom line: your child will lose time instead of focusing on other things he enjoys and you’ll waste money. Besides, being too pushy can overwhelm children and lower their confidence.

Don’t Be Afraid If the Child Turns Some of Them Down

If you constantly come with new techniques and tricks to help you bring your child’s talents to the surface, some of them will be rejected. It’s a natural reaction, don’t worry. Your kid evaluates all your proposal according to his own criteria. Don’t expect him to be fond of the same things you used to love when you were little.

Accept the kid’s decision to turn down your proposals and focus on the options that seem to trigger his interest. Besides, at this age, it’s normal to get bored fast. Accept that your child is not interested in these activities and move on!

Allow Your Child to Be the Guide

This is one of the basic rules you should follow while you try to discover your children’s passions. Allow your kid to lead the way. Your child might not know what they’re good at yet, but all children have strong intuition to guide them toward their talent. Try to take a step back and grant your child the authority to choose what game or sport you’ll be playing this afternoon.

Try to gauge how enthusiastic this makes them feel. If your child is genuinely glad to engage in a certain activity, while being focused on what their doing, this might be their talent.

Try to figure out the childs ‘expertise’ by acting like a novice who needs to be trained. You will understand how passionate your child is about a certain field just by listening how he talks about it.

Be Supportive and Encouraging

Last but not least, support your children’s initiative. This goes hand in hand with granting them the power to choose what they like. It will boost their ego, yes, but it will also allow them to speak openly about their passions and reinforce their believe that they’re good at it.

Think about these techniques. Have you applied any of them before? If not, give it a try and see how it works out for you and your kid. One last thought, make it fun for both of you: don’t hesitate to full around and do some creative stuff yourself. Who knows … maybe you’ll end up discovering a personal hidden talent as well.