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It’s a brisk early morning and your unruly 5 year old comes bursting into your room, full of life and inquisitive wonder. It’s amazing how much passion and excitement exudes from her tiny being, even over seemingly insignificant things. It’s moments like these you wish to capture and memorialize forever—a snippet of time that fosters a deep rooted feeling of nostalgia and happiness.

As we get older, time seems to move faster and life gets a bit busier, so finding unique ways to preserve these precious moments becomes even more important. From photographs and home videos to artwork and family traditions, it’s important to capture what matters most at the end of the day—family.

Create a life with your children that is rich, full, imaginative, and fun beyond measure.

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mom and daughter playing

… Because life moves fast & memories fade.

Memory is complex, delicate, and for many parents, all too fleeting. With children, however, their capacity for memory is limitless, a gift that won’t last forever. Their eyes, alight with wonder and amazement at the simplest things, the look of pure, unadulterated love when they look at you, their giggly laughs and vividly described imaginary friends. These are all things you want your child to carry with them forever.

It’s up to you, moms and dads, to preserve these treasured moments, so that you and your child can look back on them and remember what a life full of love and happiness looks like.

Here are some creative ways to preserve your child’s memories:

  1. Create something unique that you can save
  2. Make a quilt from t-shirts they’ve grown out of
  3. Create a yearly photo book of things you’ve done throughout the year
  4. Turn your kids drawings into custom plush creations
  5. Turn home video snippets into a movie
  6. Keep ticket stubs from important movies, shows, events, etc.
  7. Fill a shadow box with anything that’s important to you and your child, from toy cars to shells from their first beach trip
  8. Keep a journal or a family blog and fill it with memories, funny things your kids say, pictures and other memorable things
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