good gift ideas for stay at home mom

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It’s holiday gift giving time and that means you may be feeling the stress of finding gifts for everyone on your list, especially your Mom! Your relationship with your Mother is a very special one and that puts a little extra pressure to find the perfect present. Moms deserve something extra special to show her that you love and appreciate everything she does for you. We have some good gift ideas for stay at home mom in your life that they would love finding under the tree on Christmas Day.

wine good gift ideas for stay at home mom

Pour the Cashmere Wine for Mom

We all know the cliches that Moms love their wine. That means she’s going to be thrilled unwrapping this wonderful Red Blend from Cashmere. Your Mom will love enjoying a glass of the elegant, smooth and bright wine while unwinding after a day of chasing the kids around the house! Fred and Nancy Cline are the wine geniuses behind this unique blend. Not only do they make wonderful wines, but they also use funds raised by sales of Cashmere to support breast cancer awareness, Alzheimer’s patient care, mentoring and support of local shelters. This is an affordable gift for your Mom that you can feel good about giving.

Purchase at, $14.99

wine selfie good gift ideas for stay at home mom

Your Mom will love her wine-down Selfie doll

Pair that bottle of wine with a custom doll of your Mom holding a full wine glass in plush form! Your Mom will love all the details of this personalized gift. This is a fun gift for your Mom, especially if she’s obsessed with taking selfies! What’s better than having that perfect photo on your phone than turning it into an actual custom Selfie doll! From her perfectly-styled hair, to your Mom’s favorite LBD, or her cherished pearls, the Selfie plushie will bring your Mom joy and show her just how much you love her. What a fun and amazing gift for your SAHM.

Purchase at, $99

planner good gift ideas for stay at home mom

[UPDATE: You can now turn custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind plush! Make your own stuffed animal by clicking here to get started!!]

A practical bloom planning present for your SAHM

Your stay-at-home Mom has enough on her plate, help her plan out your family’s meals with the bloom Meal Planning Pad and Shopping List. Your Mom will love the practicality of this gift, and think of you every time she heads to the grocery store. It’s a great tool to help streamline what’s for dinner, especially for those with picky eaters! Add a stylish bloom planner to create a set that will keep your Mom on track in 2019.

Purchase at, Meal Planning Pad $8.95, Planners start at $18.95


art good gift ideas for stay at home mom

Turn your Mom’s artwork into a Budsies

Your Mom probably doesn’t get a lot of time to create, draw or even doodle! So when she does have a moment to sit down and finish her art masterpiece, it’s a big deal. Bring her artwork to life as a Budsies custom stuffed animal! This is the perfect personalized gift if your Mom has made her own original character, is a book author or takes drawing to the next level! The custom plushie is handmade to match exactly what your Mom has created. You won’t want to miss your Mom’s reaction when she opens the box and sees her amazing creation turned into a huggable keepsake. Hurry because the final day to order with NO rush fees is Wednesday, October 24, 2018.

Purchase at, $115

tiny beans good gift ideas for stay at home mom

Beautiful Tinybeans photobooks keep memories for Mom

Kids grow up so fast and the only thing left are memories, photos, and videos! Tinybeans is a must-have free app to save, share and cherish those family moments. Tinybeans photobooks are back and better than ever on November 1st. Creating a photobook for Mom with Tinybeans is a breeze—they literally do all the work for you. With just a few clicks you have a wonderful book that’s printed on high-quality glossy paper with a matte finish soft-touch binding that’s easy to clean and great for hands both big and small! This not only is a great gift for Mom, but it’s so convenient to have all your photo and video memories in one spot. You can keep your entire family connected with Tinybeans and they will automatically share memories with loved ones you add to your account.

Purchase at, $19.99

legging good gift ideas for stay at home mom

Help Mom get her style on with Celestial Bodiez leggings

Leggings are a staple in a stay-at-home Mom’s wardrobe. But not all leggings are made equally! Moms need durable leggings that can stand up to spit, spills, crumbs, bending over in all types of directions, not to mention all of the other ‘stuff’ Moms go through on a daily basis! Celestial Bodiez leggings not only stand-up to the toughest toddler, but they’re also super soft and come in fun prints! Their ‘Bootyscrunch’ also gives your Mom a little lift on her backside which I know she’s not going to complain about! These fun pink leopard leggings won’t just make your Mom the queen of the carpool lane, but she’ll also be helping a good cause. Celestial Bodiez will donate 25% of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Purchase at, $74.99

petsies good gift ideas for stay at home mom

Turn your Mom’s favorite pet into a Petsies

Does your Mom also have a furbaby at home? Then she will absolutely love a Petsies custom stuffed animal of her pet! Petsies are the most unique personalized gift you can get a pet owner! There’s nothing better than a lookalike of her favorite four-legged friend! Petsies are handmade and airbrushed so they have all of your pet’s unique markings. They are wonderful keepsakes of past or present pets. Get your camera ready because you’re going to want to get her reaction seeing her pet’s twin for the very first time!

Purchase at, $199

gravity blankets good gift ideas for stay at home mom

Give your Mom a great night sleep with a Gravity Blanket

Let’s face it, stay-at-home Mamas need more sleep! It’s impossible to give your Mom the extra hours of shut-eye she wants, but you can help her make the most of each minute in bed. The Gravity Blanket is a therapeutic weighted blanket that increases serotonin and melatonin levels all while decreasing cortisol levels. The company says this not only promotes restful sleep, but it also improves your mood. That’s huge for stay-at-home Moms who deal with fighting, whining, and chaos all day (along with lots of hugs and messy kisses!) The weighted blankets come in 15, 20 and 25-pound options.

Purchase at, $249

essential oil soap good gift ideas for stay at home mom

Help Mom relax with Sallye Ander Essential Oil Soaps

Bath sets are super popular gifts for Moms. But let’s be honest, when was the last time that a stay-at-home Mom had the time to take a nice relaxing bath?! That’s the great thing about Sallye Ander essential oil soaps. You get the wonderful scent, soft skin and a bit of tranquility even if your Mom only gets a three-minute shower break! All of the essential oil soaps are olive oil blends, handmade in the U.S. and are never tested on animals. Your Mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness and a nice luxuorious shower!

Purchase at, $8.95 per bar

waggables good gift ideas for stay at home mom

New cuddly Waggables make a fun gift for Mom

Does your Mom like the newest and cutest gifts? Then she will absolutely love Waggables! These adorable, squishy plush balls are brand new this holiday season. You’ll have a blast using the online customizer to choose all the features to make your Mom’s Waggable one-of-a-kind. So it can look like her pet, a dream pet or even an imaginary character! Don’t forget to add a name or even a fun message to the belly.

Purchase at, $29.95

The clock is ticking so don’t wait too long before getting your Mom’s gift. And don’t forget to confirm the availability and price before checking out. Take a look at some of our other gift guides, Holiday Gift Ideas for Working Moms and 10 Best Personalized Christmas Gifts for Kids.

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