Stuffed animals make the ideal gift for people of all ages. Not only are they soft and cuddly, but they can provide comfort when someone is lonely or sad. They are the perfect way to brighten someone’s day, which is why we created this Top 10 list for stuffed animal for 2018. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping for one of these great stuffed animal gifts for your friend, sister, mother, brother or child. We know they’ll love it!



1. Hashtag Collectible Stuffed Blobfish

Topping the list of top plush gifts for 2018 is a stuffed animal so ugly you’ll want one for yourself. The Hashtag Collectable stuffed blobfish is one loveable creature that makes for cuddliest of plush gifts. Nearing extinction, your homage to the blobfish will not go unrecognized as this stuffed animal is crazy cute in its own way. Snuggle up to this fluffy fish or give it to a friend that you know is lonely at night. Perfect for adults or kids, the Hashtag Collectable stuffed blobfish is one-of-a-kind gift that everyone will love.
Available: Hashtag Collectibles, $39.99




2. Budsies

The top plush gifts also includes this unique creation that brings your child’s, or anyone for that matter, artwork to life. Budsies custom stuffed animals of art takes hand drawn pictures and turns them into custom stuffed animals. Yes, you can finally have that monster come out from under you bed as Budsies will make it a reality. With virtually limitless possibilities, you can create any type of creature your mind can imagine. Cutting, sewing, and filling each plushie by hand, Budsies offers a custom-made creation that looks exactly like the drawing, making dreams reality for many artists. It’s the perfect gift for anyone with an imaginative spirit.
Available:, $115




3. Webkinz Stormy Dragon

Take a step into enchanted times with Stormy the Webkinz plush dragon. This magical creature will come to life straight from the Webkinz game, providing anyone hours of play time. Featuring a secret code to enter Webkinz World, you’ll be able to adopt and care for this magical dragon pet. According to Webkinz, Stormy is fond of the rain and loves to sip the sweetness of Shimmering soda. This may be a clue into how to care for Stormy and all gift receivers should heed this advice. Stormy makes a nice gift for children that play Webkinz World for entertainment.
Available: $12.99



Giant Dinosaur

4. Giant Plush Dinosaur

For the dinosaur lover, why not surprise them with a giant prehistoric stuffed animal. The Prextex giant plush Dinosaur stands 24 in. tall, bigger than most kids and is of the t-rex variety. You kids will love this oversized stuffed animal dinosaur as they learn about these reptiles in school. Perfect to cuddle and generous in size, the Prextex giant plus Dinosaur includes realistic detail and can be easily washed. This is the ideal gift for anyone that is obsessed with dinosaurs.
Available:, $34.99




5. Petsies

This one is for all the pet lovers out there! Petsies brings you its Huggable collection of custom plush animals, allowing pet owners all over the world to recreate their pet with a personalized stuffed animal. Using photos of your pet, Petsies hand crafts minute details and markings that make your dog, cat, bird, fish, horse or even pet chicken so unique. Using airbrushing and a soft plush fur, Petsies provides pet owners a look alike pet that can be a memorial to lost pets or honor a current pet in the family. This is the perfect way to recreate the perfect snuggleable, huggable, and lovable version of your pet that doesn’t shed or need clean up. Petsies are a gift that can span the ages as everyone has had an animal in their life that they loved.
Available:, $199.00




6. Waggables 

One of the best stuffed plush gifts to give is a Waggable! Turn your pet or cream dog into an adorable ball of plush fun! You are able to customize features from the fur color to ear style, you can even add a sweet message on the belly. There are so many options that you’ll have fun just ordering your Waggable! Don’t miss out on the joy that comes with this round huggable stuffed animal. 

Available:, $29.95





7. Baby Einstein Octoplush

We haven’t forgotten the little ones as this Baby Einstein Octoplush is aimed at them. With a soft and textured surface, the Baby Einstein Octoplush is kid friendly as well as an educational. It plays relaxing melodies that babies love to listen to in English, Spanish or French to heighten the educational experience. This sense-inducing play toy can help your child build dexterity as they hug the Octoplush to hear it play. This is a good gift for an eager to learn little one.
Available:, $11.39



Payer Bear

8. GUND Prayer Teddy Bear

You’ll pray that you receive this musical praying teddy bear from GUND as a gift. This soft bear recites “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” in a soothing child’s voice. As an inspirational toy, the GUND praying teddy bear can help children learn their nighttime prayers and be a constant companion for a sleepless little one. It is safe for all ages, measures 8 in. height, and is washable. The praying teddy bear is a thoughtful religious gift for any child.
Available:, $14.52



Budsies Selfies

9. Budsies Selfies Custom Plush Figurines

You can immortalize any friend or family member with a gift of a Budsies Selfies custom plush figurine. Using their photo, Budsies will create a Selfies look alike plushie that you can gift to them. Not only will this be the ultimate surprise but these handmade plush figurines from the Selfies collection are so lifelike they will leave your gift recipient speechless. You’ll literally take them by surprise and have a gift that is as unique as it is special. You can even add a voice recording to really customize these plush figurines, making them that more special of a gift to give.
Available: $79.00




10. Snuggle Stuffs Magical Pink Unicorn

Unicorns are everywhere, and the Snuggle Stuffs magical pink unicorn will brighten any little princess’ day. As a gift, the Snuggle Stuffs unicorn provides a dreamy companion for any child. Featuring silky pink fur and a colorful embroidered heart and star design, your child will fall in love with this magical creature. A pink horn adorns the stuffed animal and will spark dreams of fairies, castles, and enchanted lands. Give the Snuggle Stuffs unicorn to any child with a vivid imagination that loves unicorns and playtime.
Available:, $16.99


That takes us through the list of the Top 10 Plush Gifts for 2018. Hopefully, you found one or two great gift-giving ideas for that special someone, friend or family member that will lift their spirits, brighten their day, and put a smile on their face.