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Having a baby is a moment of great happiness not just for the parents, but also for the whole family and friends. It is a great occasion for everyone to celebrate and send baby gifts to the parents. Tiny shoes, clothes, toys and other things that are needed to raise the baby are a great help to kick-start parenting for the very first time. Bringing baby gifts to the parents while visiting their newborn is a custom as most don’t want to show up empty-handed. 

Go organic for baby gifts

The baby stage is the most delicate age. When choosing a gift, remember that everything around it like clothes, things for his comfort and food should be gentle, soft and organic. Little moo organics has a whole range of organic products that are specially meant for babies and to assure that they stay healthy in their infant years.

Little moo organics was started after a personal encounter where the maker’s baby was really sick. After a lot of research, they discovered Holle and their baby got better. The parents felt the need to share Holle and started the company. The company has different formulas as they understand that one formula cannot suit every baby. They have answered questions such as which formula or organic food is suitable at a particular age, if the child has digestive issues like gas, constipation, excessive spit-up, then they guide as to how to consume their hipp organic formula if the issues are frequent and not altering.

baby gifts

The company now sell cereals, snacks, feeding essentials, bottles and toys which all make great baby gifts. Their products are divided into 3 stages: stage 1 (for 0-6 months), stage 2 (for 6-10 months) and stage 3 (10 months to 2 years).

When a new baby enters the lives of a couple and family the expenses increase a lot as the baby requires the uttermost care and a lot of things. It’s wonderful when you give baby gifts that the parents can use every day for their new child.

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