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Plush Selfies are a great way to preserve memories in a unique (and cuddly!) way. From preserving key events like graduation to dressing up your plush like a super hero, Selfies are a fun medium that let you bring your accomplishments — and imagination — to life!

married woman and selfie on carGuilherme Rossi took this to heart when he ordered a Selfie of his wife, Kandy, in her wedding dress. The Selfie is a constant reminder to them of the love and the fun they shared on their wedding day.

“As soon as we received the Budsie we couldn’t find a better way to express our happiness and make that a forever memory, from where everything began,” Guilherme said

Married woman selfie in car

Wanting to keep the moment forever, Guilherme took a picture of his wife and her Selfie on top of his lime green car — the car that he proposed to her in. Super sweet, right? I thought so too!

Guilherme and Kandy got married on February 21, 2015. Since that day, Kandy’s wedding dress and her Selfie stand side by side in the couple’s bedroom. Wedding days are always special, and for this couple they are able to revisit those memories thanks to Kandy’s dress and her Selfie!

married woman selfie “It makes me remember how beautiful she is and how wonderful our wedding day was,” Guilherme said. “I appreciate having our Selfie so much.”

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