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Finding the best Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or husband can be a real challenge. You know everything about them, but still, you are at a loss for what to buy them year after year. Whether you just started dating, are in a long-term relationship, or you’ve been married for a decade, these best Christmas gifts for the man in your life are sure to hit the mark. They’re quirky like your guy yet personalized enough that they will know you put some thought into your gift buying decision. So, check out our list and make one of these ideas a gift that your boyfriend or husband will never forget.

1. Selfies Stuffed Doll Of You!

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Surprise your man with a Budsies Selfies doll that looks just like you. When you can’t be there to cuddle at night, your Selfies plushie will be there, keeping your boyfriend or husband safe and warm all night long. Using your picture, Budsies can transform a Selfies doll to look just like you. Have your Selfies wearing your favorite LBD, a fun bathing suit, or his favorite team t-shirt! Your other half will love having you by his side and on his mind. This is the ideal gift for long-distance relationships or if your guy travels for business.
$99 on

2. Withings Fitness Smartwatch

Christmas gifts for men

Fitness trackers and smartwatches are popular Christmas gifts for men. Check out the fashionable Steel HR Smartwatch from Withings. Not only does it monitor your sleep, fitness activity, and overall health, it’s also really stylish and looks like a high-end watch. So you’re basically giving two gifts in one! The hybrid smartwatch activity tracker comes in several styles and colors. Best of all, the battery lasts 25 days and charges really fast.
Starting at $179 on

3. Make Your Man Laugh with a Face Pillow

best Christmas gift for boyfriend

Nothing says “I love you”, like making your man laugh! That’s exactly what Budsies new Face Pillows will do. You can help but giggle and hug these oversized pillows of your face. They’re silly yet super thoughtful one-of-a-kind gifts that won’t break the bank. It’s a holiday gift your hubby or BF won’t forget for years to come! If you’re looking for a funny or unconventional gift this one is for you!
$39 on

4. Petsies Custom Stuffed Animal of His Pet

Make this Christmas memorable for your man with a Petsies stuffed animal of his pet. These handmade plushies look exactly like your significant other’s pet dog, cat, bird, fish, ferret or pig and will be a memory of their pet that they cherish long into the future. Using amazing detail, Petsies stuffed animals share all the features of the pet from their heads to their toes and tail using a photograph of his pet. He will be delighted that you love his pet as much as he does and he’ll remember this best Christmas gift for many years to come.
$199 on

5. A Good Night Sleep with SleepPhones®

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[UPDATE: You can now turn custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind plush! Make your own stuffed animal by clicking here to get started!!]

Men need their beauty sleep too! SleepPhones® is a luxuriously soft headband that contains thin removable speakers to play music, audiobooks, meditation, white noise, or talk radio. A family doctor developed the SleepPhones. They’re fully padded with nothing sticking into the ears making them super comfortable to wear any time, especially at night to help you sleep. The wireless version connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device making it very convenient to use! Get one for yourself too if your partner is known for his snoring!
Wireless version $99.95 on

6. Enjoy Coffee on the Go with the Pakt Coffee Kit

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Your husband or boyfriend who loves the outdoors or loves to travel can now enjoy coffee wherever he is thanks to the Pakt Coffee Kit. It’s an all-in-one coffee-making kit that includes an electric kettle, and all the components of the classic pour-over brewing method. So he can make barista-quality coffee anywhere in the world! The kit is super compact so it can fit in a backpack or your carry-on luggage.
$160 on

7. Support Family-Owned Porto’s Bakery with Bake at Home Box

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Deliver holiday cheer in every bite for the foodie in your life. This year it’s especially important to support as many family-owned restaurants as possible as they try to recover from COVID-19 related shutdowns. Porto’s Bakery, a renowned bakery based in Los Angeles, is now shipping their sweet and savory pastries in a Bake at Home box. You receive the pastries unbaked and frozen, with instructions on how to bake them. This will be a delicious gift your loved one won’t forget!
Prices vary on

8. Fine Art Makes Wonderful Gifts for Men

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Fine art makes a wonderful gift for the man in your life who has everything! Check out artist Joe Bergeron’s oil painting collections. The hand-painted masterpieces would look amazing in a family room, bedroom, man cave, or office. Joe has been painting in oils for more than 50 years! Celebrate the holidays by supporting an artist and his small business.

custom stuffed animals

Budsies custom stuffed animals make the perfect holiday gift for the creative person in your life. Whether they draw their own original character, illustrate books, love to doodle, or paint detailed masterpieces, Budsies can bring their artwork to life! These custom stuffed animals aren’t just for kids. Grown-ups love seeing their designs as a real 3D huggable plush. Celebrate their artistic talents with this one-of-a-kind holiday gift.
$115 on

10. Personalized Petsies Pillows of Your Pets


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a pet lover check out Petsies custom pillows. They have several new styles of personalized pillows that are brand new for the holidays this year. They’re really easy to make, just send your boyfriend or husband’s favorite photo of their pet to Petsies and they print it directly on the huggable pillow. You can even choose to have a custom-shaped pillow. Petsies Pillows are super soft and cuddly and will surely make the holidays even cozier.
Starting at $39 at

These Best Christmas Gifts For Your Boyfriend and Husband Won’t Last!

You can’t go wrong with any of these best Christmas gifts for the man in your life. They are as fun as your guy and heartfelt in many ways. Your boyfriend or husband will literally love receiving any one of these gift ideas and thank you from the bottom of their heart on Christmas Day.

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