Clown Around With Artist Jill and Her Custom Plush Selfie!


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Ever since she was a child, Jill volunteered as often as she could. “I am sure my parents suggested it to me as a child, but it became second nature as an adult,” explained Jill.

Later in adulthood she became a member of the Young Lawyers Group, where one of the focuses was volunteering. During one meeting, a fellow member mentioned that he knew of someone who was starting nighttime clown classes, which would enable others to volunteer as clowns at hospitals and other events. Jill practically jumped across the table at the chance. She attended about 12 weeks of night school and soaked up every minute of class with her mentors Chuckles and 2-2. She’s been clowning ever since.

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clown and selfie When she heard that Budsies could make a custom plush doll in her likeness, she immediately knew she wanted a “Selfie” of her in her clown outfit. When Jill received her Budsie, she was so excited that she ripped open the box in her driveway, took pictures right then and there, and sent them to ten of her friends as well as Facebook.

“I could not believe how close the costume and my face makeup was represented in the doll! Our professional costumes are very intricate. As a volunteer, I only have them because my family gifts them to me for holidays. I immediately sent a photo of my Budsie to the woman who made my costume,” said Jill about the detail on her custom plush Budsie. “It is also special because I have such a strong attachment to clowning.”

As she has explained to family and friends, “when you are around clowns, you can’t help but be happy. They are volunteering their time, and they are trying to make you smile. To top it off, if you have any stress going on, that world is left behind because you are in the clown world now.”

“My Budsie reminds me of how good I feel when I am a clown — all in one little stuffed bundle of joy!” said Jill.

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