Brain Games: 5 Stimulating Fun Board Games for Kids

5 Stimulating Fun Board Games for Kids

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Coming up with new ways to entertain your kids at home while making sure they’re still learning can be challenging. Luckily, board games present kids with the opportunity to have fun, enhance their problem-solving abilities and think creatively. Board games will help to stimulate your kids’ brains, allowing them to get lessons in decision-making and strategic thinking. The best part, your kids will be too busy having fun – they won’t even realize they’re learning things like math, communication, and strategy. 

Here are our top 5 stimulating and fun board games for kids that you can buy right on Amazon.

  1. Snakes and Ladders

This simple game is a great way to introduce your young kids to the different board games they will play as they grow. Only two players are needed to play this game with one hundred squares full of traps and tricks. As an introductory game, your kids will get a good grasp of the essentials of board games. Your kids will have a blast playing this game while learning how to take turns and count, as well as how chance plays into things. Available on: Amazon

  1. Scrabble Junior Game

It is clear why Scrabble Junior is a favorite board game for kids among teachers. Teaching and allowing your kids to play this board game will enhance their reading, writing and arithmetic skills. With two to four players, Scrabble Junior is played by matching your letters to existing words on the board game. This is a great way for your youngster to practice their sight words and letters. As your kids grow and need more challenging games, simply flip the board game over. Players create their own words on the advanced side.

The young ones will develop strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities and learn simple math when adding up points. Available on: Amazon

  1. Connect Four

Grade-schoolers are more likely to benefit from playing either Connect Four or Connect 4 Launchers. These games help your kids become better strategists and learn to plan ahead. Both games are for two players and are played by taking turns dropping one colored disc at a time to connect four. By learning lessons from previous games, the young players will know the impact their next moves will have on the game. 

If your kids play Connect Four, their ability to think critically and logically will be sharper. They will also improve their divided attention by focusing on both their actions as well as those of their opponent. Available on: Amazon

  1. Mouse Trap

This game is played by 2 to 4 players. Your kids will not only need to build a mousetrap but also navigate the complex contraption. In order to enjoy the challenge of collecting cheese cards and moving their mice, the kids will have to follow the guiding blueprints on the board when assembling the contraption. 

The skills they will gain in problem-solving and observing how parts make up a whole may be stimulating to their brain now, and who knows? They may help them decide to pursue a master’s of civil engineering someday. Available on: Amazon

  1. Settlers of Catan

This multiplayer board game requires players to come up with strategies that will help them become the most powerful force on the island of Catan. In order to achieve this mission, your kids will use bricks, grains, wood, stones and other resources represented by the various game cards. This will help them learn important lessons in resource management, negotiation skills when trading resources and how to evaluate the current environment as they seek to win the game. Available on: Amazon

There are many fun board games for kids that teach important lessons and critical life skills. By playing board games, your kids will do better in school and learn how to handle various challenges.

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