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In today’s generation, there are more distractions for kids, making them easily lose their focus and concentration, especially while doing some tasks like homework. Here are some tips you can use to help your child’s focus:

1.Exercise and meditation


Research has found that kids become more focused on whatever they are doing when they start their day with exercise or meditation. Physical activities play a huge role in enhancing the cognitive abilities and executive functions of the brain — which makes kids more focused.

2.Set expectations early and clearly

As a parent, it is your job to explain to your kids that although life has a lot of responsibilities, it is important to focus on education. Setting early expectations helps establish good values and overall character.

3. Keep in mind your child’s maturity level

Kids lose focus when a task is too easy or difficult for them. As a parent, you should make sure that the activity is tailored to their skill level and maturity. Children don’t feel challenged when tasks seem boring and tedious. It’s important to teach your child the importance of completing tasks even when they’re not interested.

4.Manage distractions

improve focus

It’s impossible to eliminate all distractions, but you can minimize to help improve your child’s concentration. Start with eliminating the biggest distraction — technology. Turn off TVs, phones, or computers until your child has completed their tasks.

5.Schedule time for homework

It is very distracting when a friend asks your child to play outside while they are in the middle of a homework assignment. It is important to help your child understand that they must complete homework assignments before they go out and play.

6. Relaxation and imagery

Although your child needs to finish tasks, you should also not forget that they need a break every now and then. Help your child relax by allowing them to play, or watch television for a few minutes before they continue working.

7.Praise and positivity

improve focus

Parental positive reinforcement is the best form of encouragement. This helps children want to work harder so they can please you even more! You should always say words of encouragement. Don’t be negative and impose punishments, as that might discourage them.

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8. Communication

If you have after-school tutors, make sure that you are able to communicate with your kids effectively — especially about your child’s homework guidelines. By doing so, the tutors can help create a positive and focus-oriented work zone for your child.

9. Turn it off

Technology seems to be the biggest distraction for everyone, so during homework time, be strict about turning off TV, cell phones, and computers so your child won’t get distracted and would stay focused on their task. If they need to use the computer or cell phone, make sure that it is related to homework and monitor it closely.

10. Memory and concentration games

You can use some games which require memory and concentration so that your child would practice those skills. The ability to focus would be more developed if put into practice regularly, and it’s also a fun time to enjoy with your child. You can try games like Memory, or Simon, as these can help improve focus and memory.

11.Create a To-do List

Aside from schoolwork, your child also has to deal with house chores, and all that might be overwhelming for them. To deal with this, create a list that indicates the tasks that should be done first. Make a list that covers the whole day or week; then the completed tasks would be crossed off by your child.

12. Avoid over-scheduling

When kids are overwhelmed with lots of activities one after another, they will surely be tired and lose their focus. Make sure that you allow them to take breaks and rest so that their body and minds can recover from tiring tasks, and to refresh their focus and concentration, too.

13.Healthy lifestyle

Proper nutrition and enough sleep are factors which affect the focus and concentration of your child greatly. Avoid carbohydrate-heavy foods since that will make them sleepy, and opt for fresh fruits and veggies. Make sure that they are getting enough sleep, too. You can also make them try peak nootropics supplement to help aid in their overall health.
Focus and concentration are abilities that need to be constantly practiced to be more effective. It would take time and serious determination for you to help your kids develop their skills. Although it might be challenging for the both of you, in the end, your child will be the one who can benefit from all that hard work.

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