One of the most memorable moments in a child’s life is when they find out that Santa Claus does not exist. But even though your kid now knows the truth about the big, friendly man, it does not mean that the holidays can not be special and filled with magic anymore. What are the best Christmas gifts to give those growing children, so they still love the holidays and the joy that comes along with them?

It is no surprise that buying gifts for children after they find out the truth about Santa Claus is difficult. They now know that their parents are just buying their presents, and they may not feel like there is anything special about the gifts. But it is time to get creative! You should read the zodiac, maintain Christmas lists as a source of inspiration or simply go shopping with your kid. Look forward to the future, and you’ll know exactly how to fill your children with joy and excitement once again!

1. Star Wars R2-D2

One of the big cinema attractions that have hit the movie theaters in recent years is Star Wars. Children who were too young to see the original saga come out still became fascinated with the new previews on the television or the sequels. How much would your child love a Star Wars Interactive R2-D2? The most attractive part about this R2-D2 is that it interacts with people, and can even understand some of the words it is being told.

2. High-End Console

Now that your child is growing up, it may be time to give them what they have been asking for probably a while. And that is either a PlayStation 4 of Xbox One. Both of these platforms were a hit in 2015 around Christmas, and they surely will top the charts this year too. This will help give your children and outlet for all of their energy, and plus the opportunity to buy a new game each year to keep the excitement going.

3. Guitar Hero Live

You surely have heard of Guitar Hero, but have you heard of Guitar Hero Live? It is now officially a thing. It brings the best out of Guitar Hero and adds in the live entertainment and excitement. It is just as addicting as the original, so be warned! It makes for a great way for you to interact with your children because you can play with them.

4. Easy-Bake Oven

It’s a classic for kids to enjoy. The truth about Santa Claus has probably interfered with their love to imagine him flying across the skies, so try to play with their creative side. Consider an Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven! This will keep them occupied, and you might get rewarded with a yummy chocolate pie crafted after. If anything, even the failed attempts can be precious, as they make for wonderful memories and stories later in life.

5. Bicycle (or Tricycle)

A good idea is to try and get your child to go outside and start learning new tricks. Consider getting them a bicycle — or give them a tricycle if they are not riding a bike yet. This will show them the next chapter in their life, and the exciting experiences they have to look forward too.

6. LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island 5770

Another idea for any child could be the LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island 5770 or any Lego set. Children will stay busy for hours trying to piece together the puzzle. Maybe try and get one geared toward the winter season, or your child’s favorite action hero? The options are endless.

7. Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots Electronic Dance Game

A fun and engaging idea are the Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots Electronic Dance Game which is under fifteen bucks! If you have a girl or a boy, it does not matter, they will love being able to play an interactive game with each other. And make sure you play too!

8. Alex Crafts Native American Bead Loom

Another super cool and different idea is an Alex Crafts Native American Bead Loom. It allows children to handcraft beads and necklace in beautiful patterns. It is something they might not expect as a gift which might just be perfect, considering this year’s Christmas might be a little different now that they know Santa is not putting their presents under the tree.

9. Puzzles

Now for the brain wise, why not keep it simple and get them an exciting puzzle? It will activate their brain and get them thinking, plus it will give them a reason to feel accomplished when they spend all Christmas break putting it together.

10. The Original Spirograph Deluxe Set

One last fabulous idea for the creative child is “The Original Spirograph Deluxe Set.” It is super engaging, and children can draw beautiful, colorful designs with the swipe of a pen. It will keep them busy for days on end! It is important to inspire your child’s creative brain because it is an important part of their development.

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration so do not let your children be sad too long about Santa Claus. They still have the opportunity to receive awesome gifts from the people who know them best! And do not be afraid to mix it up every year with something new and exciting. Watching your children grow is the exciting part, so get them Christmas gifts that will grow with them!