Best Gifts For Children With Autism 1

Giving an appropriate toy or gift to a child with autism isn’t easy. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult, if you consider how sensitive they are towards light and sounds; how they perceive the world around them to be different than the rest of us. So if you are looking around for a gift for children with autism, I highly recommend that you first consult with their parents, as they’ll know what their autistic child is comfortable with. Once you’ve done that, here are our 8 best gifts for children with autism:

  1. Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl and Cup Set:

 Best Gifts For Children With Autism 2

You want to make sure gifts for your autistic child are all about them and what they actually enjoy, rather than other people think they enjoy. A good gift to start with is the Squishy Bowl and cup set from Guyot Designs.

Children who are into fidget items will LOVE this squishy bowl and cup set, as it will keep their hands busy all the time. They can twist it, turn it around, stretch and bend them, and if they wish, can carry the set everywhere they go.

The soft silicone of this squishy bowl and cup set is very touchable, which makes everyone who handles it wants to get another set for themselves.

  1. Sleep Sheep with Smart Sensory:

Best Gifts For Children With Autism 3

Are your kids complaining about problems going to sleep? Then probably it’s a time for you to try Sleep Sheep. The Sleep Sheep toy comes with four soothing sounds – waves, whale songs, raindrops, and heartbeats – these will help you child calm down, relax, and get ready to sleep again.

As your children begin to listen to these soothing sounds, they’ll begin to calm down and fall asleep.

The Sleep Sheep spreads calm and peaceful in a child’s environment and prepares him or her for a good night of sleep. And, if they wake up in the middle of the night, the built-in smart sound sensor will turn on automatically back on and put them back to sleep.

The Sheep Sheep is easy to use. It comes with a push button, volume control, sound selector, and an automatic stop function that automatically shuts off after about 23 to 45 minutes.

Plus, the Sheep Sleep can be easily attached to the side of the bedpost with a Velcro strap, which is included in the package.

  1. Custom Specialty Commission Plushies:

Best Gifts For Children With Autism 4

It’s no surprise that children with autism benefit from the act of drawing and seeing their creations turned into stuffed animals. It makes them believe that their world is beautiful and real. It’s also super exciting for them to be able to hug their creation.

You see, creative works and drawings are known to be therapeutic to all children, as it helps build their self-esteem, improve social interactions, and develop positive emotions. And, although children with autism have difficulty with linguistic abilities, they’re excellent in communicating through art.

Many children have discovered Budsies Specialty Commissions and have got their custom plushies of their own original characters.  

  1. Custom Stuffed Animals:

Best Gifts For Children With Autism 5

It’s been proven that Budsies have been highly beneficial for kids with autism. This is because many autistic kids have problem with sensory integration – problems with movement, noise, and touch – meaning objects are uncomfortable for children with autism.

So if your kids are not comfortable with objects around them, then they’ll mostly likely find comfort in the soft plush of a Budsies.

The toy holds a significant value into their life, because it’s their own creation, which they can see and touch. This helps keep autistic children grounded. And, whenever they get sensory overload, they always know they have a reassuring friend to hug.

  1. Fill n’ Fun Water Mat:

Best Gifts For Children With Autism 6

This cute little Fill n’ Fun Water Mat toy is simple, fun, and extremely portable. It comes with a thick plastic mat that most kids love to play with. All you have to do is fill it up with water and watch the ocean toys float across the friendly, bright ocean.

Young kids love to squish down on top of the mat to move those toys and water. This activity teaches skills such as motor development, cause and effect, and much more. For visual learners, the cute pictures and bright colors makes this toy highly effective.

This simple toy is definitely going to lure and engage a very young kid from six months old and above.

  1. Body Pod Sensory Sock:

Best Gifts For Children With Autism 7 

Body Pod Sensory Sock are translucent tubular sleeves. They’re made of up high quality material, Spandex. This sensory socks offer an incredible fun playtime for both boys and girls.

Young kids with sensory disabilities or developmental delays can use Body Pod Sensory Sock to improve their skills.

The Bod Pod helps kids with spatial positioning and coordination by pushing back against their movement, while the Body Pods Therapy Socks provides both kinesthetic and visual feedback on their movements.

Adult users can also gain the same benefits of Bod Pods.

  1. Weighted Blanket:

 Best Gifts For Children With Autism 8

If your child is struggling to go for a good night’s sleep, here’s another great investment you can make: heavy blanket. Sensory weighted blankets improve sleep in children who have autism, as they’re designed with you children’s comfort in mind. It’s a great investment for autism or sensory processing disorder.

The minkey dot design combined with a soft minky fabric and added weight makes it a great gift for children with autism. The weighted blanket will help you child live a healthier and happier life, and get them relaxed and get a good night’s sleep in no time. 

  1. Tranquil Turtle & Frog: 

Best Gifts For Children With Autism 9

The Tranquil Turtle creates a relaxing underwater effect in your child’s bedroom. It helps your kids relax and go to sleep with its comforting sounds and soft lights. The visual effects projected by the Tranquil Turtle & Frog are really soothing. Just press a button, and a captivating underwater effect is shown onto the ceiling.

Your kids with autism will definitely love to watch this as waves ebb and flow over their head. While watching this water effect, your kids also have the choice of listening to the sound of waves or a tranquil melody.

The best part is that once your kid has fallen asleep, it will automatically shut off, preventing it burning batteries. If the child makes a noise in the night, all you have to do is press a button again for a next round of soothing light display.