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Sparking the imagination of a child is magical. Books are the gateway to this imaginative spirit, but plush characters are the ultimate inspiration. By bringing the characters to life within the pages of your book with book character stuffed animals, you can allow children to connect with the story in a whole new way.

At Budsies this dream is a reality as it provides the ability to turn any storybook character into a 3D plush character that a child can cherish and love from the moment they receive it. Not only does this offer a new revenue stream for authors but it allows your readers to indulge and have a memento from their favorite story.

Bring Your Book Character To Life

book character stuffed animals

The team at Budsies are the ultimate creators as they can literally take your book’s illustration and turn them into a custom stuffed animal with amazing detail and likeness. As a promotional product, book character stuffed animals provide that quintessential add-on that keeps your story alive in the hearts and minds of your readers long into the future.

For children, the chance to hold, hug and love their favorite book character is a dream come true. When Budsies creates your book character, it not only has the realism from your book but features all the character and personality you have written into the pages of your story.

book character stuffed animals

[UPDATE: You can now turn custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind plush! Make your own stuffed animal by clicking here to get started!!]

Save With Bulk Ordering

No longer are you confined to teddy bears with T-shirts as your staple promotional products as Budsies has open the door to unlimited possibilities for your book character stuffed animals design. By allowing Budsies to create a stuffed animal of your book character to your specifications and standards, you can take advantage of its bulk ordering system. No order is too big or too small!

From 50 to 100,000, Budsies can deliver you quality one-of-a-kind character stuffed animals that look bring your book characters to life. Whether your story revolves around animals, children, robots, or monsters, Budsies can create multiple stuffed animals that look just like your readers have imagined in their heads.

Bulk order Budsies book character stuffed animals
Mebo the Blue Panda from book, “Learning to Fly” by Agatha Bobblesbee

When you order 10 book characters from Budsies, you automatically get a 10 percent discount. Order 20 and you’ll see your discount increase to 20 percent. Budsies is ready to make your character a reality for your readers that will truly become your biggest fans when they can get their hands on a 3D stuffed animal of their favorite story.

Personal Attention Every Step Of The Way

Don’t have an illustration in your book? Don’t worry, the Budsies team is always online to help. They can turn a logo, sketch, drawing or picture into your book character stuffed animals with ease. The team will make sure you are included in every step of the creation process, so you have the exact plush character you dreamed about as you wrote your story.

The staff at Budsies is local, so that means you get a personal touch with each order. They offer you the personal attention you need and customer service you expect. Budsies wouldn’t offer anything less.

When you want to add to your book adventure, turn to Budsies for all your 3D character creations. It will entice the minds of your readers and provide a live book character that they can embrace. You’ll benefit from providing your fans a stuffed character that also brings the story to life for them. It doesn’t get any more real than this and Budsies can make it happen for you today!

book character stuffed animals


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