Gift-Giving for Loved Ones this Valentine’s Day


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Every relationship is important! And sometimes it’s nice to go beyond words to convey messages of love, emotions, and care. This is where gift-giving comes in to play! If you are looking for something special for a loved one for Valentine’s Day, we have quite an impressive list for you.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pet Lovers

petsies custom stuffed animal
Petsies custom stuffed animals make a great gift.

Thanks to the e-commerce boom, you can buy gifts for anyone in your life from  the comforts of your home! If you have a pet lover in your life, Petsies are the perfect gift! They are custom stuffed animals, made by hand to look just like your loved one’s pet. You just submit photos and the Petsies team will do the rest. 

Petsies also has all kinds of pet-related products, like socks, pillows, blankets, pajamas and more!

Starting at $199 at 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Artists

why personalized gifts are the best 1

The creatives in your life deserve something extra special! Consider turning their artwork into something unique, like a custom stuffed animal, pillow or even bobblehead. At Budsies, we custom-make everything to look as closely to their art as possible.

Prices are $129

You can learn more about Budsies here

Gifts for the super picky people in your life

Although not the most “adventurous” or exciting gift, gift cards are easy and it also gives the recipient the choice of what he or she wants to buy for Valentine’s Day. It’s great for those who are extra picky or that might want to enoy the experience of getting stuff they love for themselves. Pair it with a sweet card and some flowers, and your loved one will love their Valentine’s Day gift. 

[UPDATE: You can now turn custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind plush! Make your own stuffed animal by clicking here to get started!!]

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