fun exercises to do with kids

After work, I always make it a point to exercise. At the same time, however, I also want to spend time with my family. So why not put together both fitness and family fun into family exercises? Besides enjoying the time with your kids, you can also improve your children’s focus and engage in some fun exercises to do with kids. Helping your kids understand the benefits of staying fit will in turn set them up for healthy habits well into adulthood.

The tricky part of this is getting your kids to participate and enjoy the workout at the same time. You could be going for a jog every day with your kids, but may hate it because it is repetitive and children lose interest quickly. Here are five interesting exercises you and your kids will enjoy together.

1. Take Your Kids For A Hike

Hiking is more than walking. It may look simple, but indeed hiking is a more beneficial exercise for all ages. I always take routes around my local trails on evenings or weekends. This is the perfect time to walk with your family. It is enjoying because I get to talk with my family making fun as we explore the scenery.

Some of the benefits of hiking are:

  • Strengthens balance and coordination
  • Teaches kids about nature
  • Creates an ample time to interact with your family and have fun.

One thing to note is to pick a hiking spot which will offer a good work out, but one that is also safe and not too strenuous for kids. When your kids are having fun exploring, they won’t even realize that they are exercising.

2. Squats

I have been going to the gym to do squats which indeed increased my weight-loss, but doing squats without weights can also be a good workout. Enjoy doing squats with your kid on your shoulders. I love doing this with my youngest son because he gets excited, and it also helps me physically. The benefits of exercise doing this are as follows:

  • Strengthens your legs
  • Helps you increase your weight loss
  • Helps you spend quality time with your kids

3. Family Yoga

Keep in mind that yoga for kids will be different, especially young ones who have a hard time remaining still. You will need to incorporate yoga poses which are child-friendly. On that note, be sure to involve your kids in the planning; Come up with games which can incorporate body parts.

Family yoga has the following benefits:

  • Increases muscle strength
  • Helps in development of balance and coordination
  • Helps you connect with your kids
  • Teaches the kids to be patient and mindful

4. Sit-Ups

For years I have always hated sit-ups. When I started incorporating my kids, It became a little more bearable. Now I enjoy doing sit-ups with my kids. Hold your kids up in the air and make them feel like they are Superman or Superwoman flying in the air. Some of the benefits of sit-ups are:

  • Strengthen your abdominal muscles
  • Helps improve balance 
  • Helps you play games with your kids

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5. Jogging

Jogging is one of the easiest exercises you can do with kids. I always for for short jogs with my kids, especially on weekends. If you have a toddler or baby, you can comfortably run with a jogging stroller

I even like to create small competitions for my kids and offer prizes for them. I also participate in the races at times, jogging at a slower pace so my kids beat me. Jogging has the following benefits:

  • Strengthens muscle groups, especially leg muscles  
  • Reduces fat in the body
  • Fun way to interact with your family

Benefits of exercise with your kids

When you exercise with your kids, you become physically fit while having a good time with your family. Working out as a family also strengthens the bond between each other, and you also teach your child the importance of being physically fit.