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When talking about children bedroom designs, you must always “go big or go home.” Decorating a child’s bedroom does not mean that you should be thrifty in style. In fact, it establishes up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for new designs, even if it’s just a small room. It’s the ideal excuse to be as brave, bold or magical as you want.

Nowadays, there are lots of cool decorations for children’s rooms which you can easily purchase in stores. Unusual wall hooks, colorful curtains, funny bedding sets, amazing decals, cool furniture, and other lots of stuff is great but could be expensive.

The furniture and decorations for your kids’ rooms don’t need to be pricey because if you are just creative enough and have an excellent source of inspiration, you can just simply create them by yourself. If you want your kids to be comfortable and convenient, check these three DIY designs that will turn their rooms to boring into brilliant.

Bed Canopies

If you have a little girl and you want to turn her bedroom into a magical princess’ room, adding a unique accessory is necessary: a canopy on the bed. It is the easiest way to design your child’s room.

Materials needed:
● 14-inch embroidery hoop
● Two sheer curtains of your chosen color (ideally 60” x 84”)
● White twine
● Screw Hook


First, center the bed on the wall and mark the center of the wall on the ceiling. Next, take four pieces of white twine and tie them to the inner hoop. Make sure that there are equal spaces between the ties. Then tie the twine together at the top, and adjust it to ensure that the hoop would hang straight.

Next up, thread the sheer curtains to the outer hoop. You can space them out and ensure that the opening between both curtains is on the front. Then place the inner hoop into the outer hoop, make sure that it’s tight. Lastly, screw the hook into the ceiling and then hang the canopy above the bed.

Colorful Jumbo Floor Pillows

Now that we’ve got you swooning over creating a luxurious canopy for your kids’ bed, it’s time to make some coziness again! If your kids like to play while lying on the floor, have some jumbo floor pillows since it is the best alternative to make them more comfortable.

Materials needed:
● 12 yards of fabric (depending on your preferred type)
● Polyester fiberfill
● fabric scissors
● sewing machine
● needle and thread


It’s normal for any sewing project to cut the fabric first. Cut two squares with a measurement of 36 inches by 36 inches. Then, with a matching or complementary fabric, cut four pieces that are 36 inches by 7 inches. Arrange everything first to make sure all the pieces fit together before getting on the sewing machine.

Start sewing the top of your jumbo pillow. Put the two right sides of the fabric (make sure that it’s facing each other) and sew with an inch seam allowance. Repeat this step for all four side panels. Same as what you do on the top, attach the bottom of the pillow, but leave one side of the panel open because this is where you will put the polyester fiberfill.

Remember that the pillow must look like it’s inside out while you are sewing. Sew every corner and then turn the pillow case right side out. Then fill the inside with polyester fiberfill and pin with still the same one-inch seam allowance. Hand-sew it to secure, and you’re all done!

Toy Box with Casters

Creating a little toy box with casters is an easy and inexpensive trick. You will love it because it makes easier for you to clean up your kids’ mess and they will also adore it since they can just easily roll their toys around themselves.

You can also add a cushion to the top the toy box so that the kids can sit on it. Plus, selecting a nice fabric for the cushion is also another excellent way to provide your children the overall comfort that they deserve.

Materials needed:
● wooden crate
● plywood
● casters
● fabric
● foam sheet
● paint (if you want to paint your crates)
● screws
● fabric stapler


For the crate, if you want to have it in a different color, paint it with some coats of paint. Then attach one caster on every corner using screws.

As for the lid, cut your plywood first if you have a large sheet compare to the size of the crate. Cut the foam and make sure that it has the same size as the plywood. Then cut a piece of fabric that is huge enough to cover the whole seat cover, just have an extra inch to staple.

Put the fabric on the floor and place the foam and plywood on top of it. Fold over the fabric and staple it to the plywood. There you go! Your kids can already put their toys into the crate and roll it anywhere.


If your children are already complaining about their boring bedroom, it might be the perfect time to look for ways on how you can transform their ‘ho-hum’ rooms into a whole new world. Just by being creative enough and having a great imagination, you can create less expensive and easy DIY children bedroom designs for your kids’ sanctuary.

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