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Meet EverDean. He is a Dutch Angel Dragon, a gentle species of dragon that tend to be really furry.

Katy bellefy custom budsie EverDean is an original character thought up by Katy Bellefy, and she used memories and her own personality to shape every aspect of the character.

“He comes from the snowy north like me,” Katy said. EverDean is based off of a snow covered pine tree, the green waves on his legs and arm represent pine branches and the brown dots represent pine cones.

Katy said she likes snow animals with short tails because she thinks they’re cute, so she gave EverDean a “nubby tail.”

The feathers on his head also represent pine tree branches with snowy tips.

EverDean’s species, the Dutch Angel Dragons, were created by Deanna Biesemeyer and are a part of the larger furry community. Their lore describes them as creatures that walk among us, often invisible, and look after humanity like guardian angels. The dragons live on a higher plane of existence and interact with the world around them by manipulating energy in profound ways.

Though powerful, this furry species tends to be cute and cuddly, which is why Katy found them so approachable. She even included some of her own traits in EverDean’s design, giving him blue eyes to match her own.

EverDean also has ram horns, which he uses to knock the snow from trees so that it falls on his head, an act that is representational of his playful nature.

Those who participate in the furry community do so for a number of reasons. Although the community may get a bad rap due to the more radical practices of a small percentage of the community, the majority of furries develop a fursona to personify the good or the bad qualities that they want to come to terms with.

EverDean Original CharacterEach furry is designed to include a piece of the designer, whether it is a physical trait, such as the blue of Katy’s eyes, or an emotional trait, like her love for snow.

Katy finds winter beautiful, and especially appreciated snow covered pine trees. For her, creating EverDean based on her appreciation of the winter season is her way of epitomizing those emotions into a character; giving winter and the pine trees a voice and a personality.

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Katy was very excited to submit her design to Budsies, and we are so excited to see how her customized plush character turned out! Check out Katy’s Instagram video below to see a better look at EverDean.

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Better look of EverDean. #dutchangeldragon #budsies

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Got an awesome original character or Fursona? Turn it into a custom plushie! We’d love to hear about your character as well.

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