Keep It Clean With Bracey and His Creator Michael!

Michael custom budsie

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One of the best things about a Budsie is its cuddly versatility. Budsies can fit in everywhere, from the bedroom to the playroom to even the orthodontist’s office! Meet Bracey, the newest mascot for Wenger Orthodontics.

In his second grade art class, Michael was assigned an anime project. Inspired by his father’s orthodontic practice, Michael decided to create Bracey as a mascot. His parents were so thrilled with the outcome that they knew they had to bring Bracey into the third dimension.

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budsie design“I love my Budsie because he’s now 3D and that’s AWESOME!” said little artist Michael.

An alien-like character with two differently colored eyes, Bracey’s best feature is his big toothy grin, showing off his custom made blue and purple braces. While Bracey is not necessarily equipped with superpowers, as an orthodontic mascot he can brush his teeth in one single second flat. Gone are the days of having to sing the whole “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” song to make sure you give your teeth a good cleaning. Bye-bye cavities… hello super smile!

The Wenger family loves Bracey so much that they ordered two! One lives in Michael’s bedroom so he can be near his creator. The other Bracey stays at the orthodontic office, where he brings comfort and fun to kids who are in need of a smile.

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