How to Make a Stuffed Animal


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Want to learn how to make a custom stuffed animal? Our helpful how-to video includes all the steps required to make a custom plushie. It’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how we make our custom stuffed animals here at

Video includes:
– Initial character drawing
– Paper modeling
– Hand cutting
– Hand sewing
– Hand stuffing

No time? No worries! We can make your custom stuffed animal for you. 

We at Budsies have proudly made over 20,000 custom stuffed animals for adults and children in 60+ countries.

[UPDATE: We've published our own kids coloring book! Get a free digital copy of Dongler's Dinner Quest (a $24 value!) by downloading it here!]

budsies collage

If you’d like to get your own characters turned into REAL stuffed animals, visit

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