Custom Stuffed Animal Tips: How to Get the Best Budsies Results!


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Creativity is key here at Budsies. Our design team is brimming with unique individuals who love thinking up new and exciting ideas. But the best part of our job is bringing your own designs to life! No two Budsies leave our doorstep looking the same (unless you order more than one, of course.) It makes our job more exciting, and you get a plush representation of your imagination!

Fish budsie
This drawing has clear lines and color — which makes stitching in the details a piece of cake!

While we find the value in each and every drawing, from the most complex to refreshingly simple, sometimes it can be a bit more difficult to craft a Budsie from, say, a stick drawing or a transparent character. And because we want to give you the most amazing custom stuffed animal ever, we have a few tips to help you get the best results!

Here’s an example of how to make your child’s drawing Budsie-ready.

budsie design
Original Budsies design
budsie design
Design clarified for the Budsies design team

As you see, the second drawing gives our designers and seamstresses a better indication of what type of colors and shapes you’d like us to use.

If, like many parents, you run into one of the most common conundrums, “Um, I’m not entirely sure what my child drew”, then we’re here to help! We’ve got a team of onsite designers that will work their magic to give your child’s super cute doodle their absolute best interpretation.

doll Budsie
Plush perfection!

First and foremost, it is good to keep in mind that the drawing you are submitting to Budsies is going to be turned into a stuffed animal, and we must work within plush parameters. Things might look a little different in plush form… it’s a cuddly interpretation after all! But we will get it as close to the actual design as possible. Colors and specifics can always be discussed throughout the design process, but it helps speed up the process if you provide a detailed description for us in the beginning!

[UPDATE: We've published our own kids coloring book! Get a free digital copy of Dongler's Dinner Quest (a $24 value!) by downloading it here!]

blast the cyborg budsie
With this budsie we didn’t just get a drawing, we got a blueprint! We love bringing your ideas to life, so don’t be afraid to send us as many details as you want!

The second thing you should keep in mind is that stick figures may look a little different in plush form. The stick arms and legs usually become thicker, while torsos and heads are given a plush background. The custom plushie will still look like your drawing, just a little more huggable!

stick budsie before and after
What a “love-ly” stick figure. Get it?

In the event that we are sent a full stick figure, just know that they are well fed and sent home with a bit more stuffing.

illustrator budsie
Kids aren’t the only ones who can enjoy Budsies! Illustrators — and even adults who just like to doodle — can have their creations brought to huggable life!

Thirdly, be assured that our plush scientists are hard at work developing fully transparent plush and stuffing, but until that scientific breakthrough comes, we must work with what we have. We have gotten a lot of interesting designs that incorporate transparent or translucent elements (which look really cool), but end up compromised in some way when done in plush.

drawing turned to plush
Robo Head with “glass” brain helmet drawing and the plush version Robo Head

With all this information in mind, don’t think we are trying to cramp your style! We just want to give you the absolute best so that you walk away with a Budsie you adore. Your mind is a fantasy land complete with its own characters, stories and enchanted forests. Put those wonders on paper, and we would be honored if you sent them to us to transform into a soft, huggable friend that was born from your imagination!

budsie design
Very plush-able Budsie design

Custom stuffed animal Keep these pointers in mind when you draw or submit your masterpiece, because we want to make sure your Budsie is exactly like you imagined they would be! And if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.

Now, you’re all set to create your own Budsies.  

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