Create Your Own Custom Puppet

Turn your drawing, original character, or even a photo of your favorite family member into a custom puppet. 

Selfies Puppet

Puppets from photos of people!

Reg. $249 Sale! $199

Budsies Puppet

Puppets from drawings & art! 

Reg. $249 Sale! $199

Custom Puppet Details

  • Based on the photo you submit, whether it's a work of art, an illustration, or a photo of a person
  • Custom-made with high-quality plush materials, embroidery, and faux furs 
  • 16" Half-body puppet with hollow inside so your hand can easily control the head (Selfies Puppets allow for both head and arm control!) 
  • Customized upgrades available upon request
custom hand puppet from drawing

Who Are Custom Puppets For?

Trick question! They are for EVERYONE :)

Whether you’re an author looking to bring something fun and unique on your book tour, a parent looking to get their artistic kiddo a gift they’ll love, a spouse trying to surprise their loved one with something special and different, or a friend trying to win "best present award", our custom Character Puppets and Lookalike Puppets are the way to go! 


Examples of Selfies Puppets 

Custom puppet of you
Doll Puppet
matching puppet
custom hand Puppet lookalike

Examples of Budsies Puppets

Mermaid Puppet
custom hand Puppet book character
Girl book character puppet
Custom Donkey Puppet

Bring out your kiddos creativity with Budsies NEW Puppets!

Budsies Puppets

With a little bit of magic from Budsies, your kiddo can create stories, new worlds, and even play out their own memories with their own unique Puppet. Every day can be a new story with endless fun, their custom Character Puppet will quickly become their favorite toy and your favorite way to lower their screen-time.

puppet playhouse

Get started on creating your own puppet!

turn yourself into a puppet
Custom puppet of your character or drawing
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