Dolls Made To Look Like Your Child

Enjoy Our Reduced Spring Prices!

A custom doll of your child is the perfect gift!

  • Detailed plush doll based on your kiddo's photo

  • Hand-sewn with super soft plush & hypoallergenic stuffing 

  • Voice recorders available, so you can record a special message to (or from) your child

$135 $115  

Voice Recorders Available!

Now, you can send loved ones a special message to go along with your Selfie doll.  Record something funny, sweet, romantic, an inside joke, or whatever you can think of! It's an extra personal touch your friends and family will love.  

Watch this video of our exciting new Selfies voice recorder in action!

Reasons to get a one-of-a-kind, huggable plush doll:

  1. 100% unique:  Hand-made from a photo you upload.

  2. Perfect gift for any occasion: Weddings, graduations, or just because.

  3. Provides comfort : For military families far apart and people who've lost a loved one.

  4. Hilarious gag gift:  Great for siblings, office pranks, and friends

Give your loved ones a way to embrace, cherish, and remember

Through Budsies, a mother created a special keepsake for her kids—a huggable doll of their dad that passed away. Watch her daughter's heartwarming reaction! You can read the full story on our blog .

Check out some more amazing daddy dolls - prepare for your heart to literally melt! 

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We can turn anything into a custom stuffed animal

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