Girl Can Finally Hug Her Father (who is no longer with her)


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Every once in a while, we get overwhelmed with emotion by a customer’s story. This is one of those times. We all sobbed. Some sad tears. Some happy tears. But mostly just “this woman is an amazing mother” tears.

Here’s the post we got on our Facebook wall:

custom doll(direct FB link if you want to leave a supporting comment for her family)

It reads: “A picture of my daughter with a Budsies of her Daddy who passed away when she was a baby. She was so excited to give her Daddy a hug!! Thank you!!”

Daddy doll

We are so very sorry for Trisha’s family’s loss. And we’re beyond honored to help her daughter give her Daddy a big giant hug.

Thank you, Trisha, so much for commissioning a custom plush doll with us and sharing your story with our team. We’re sending thousands upon thousands of loving hugs your way.

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