3 Professionals You May Not Know Impact Your Child’s Education Daily

Cheering Classroom
Teacher and students cheering

You may think that your child’s teachers have the greatest impact on his or her education. While they certainly have a large influence on your children, there are others who play a special role in their lives on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at some of the unsung heroes who help your children learn and grow each day.

The Crossing Guard

School Crossing GuardAs adults, we may take crossing the street for granted. We know how to look both ways, time our cross to account for any traffic that may not be watching out for us and how to account for slippery conditions while crossing. However, small children may be too impulsive or otherwise unaware of their surroundings to cross the street safely. This is why a quality crossing guard is essential to your child’s health and safety. He or she will make sure that cars stop and provide a clear lane for your child to walk through on the way to school.

The School Nurse

If your child is sick, he or she is less likely to be able to focus in class. A nurse may also be someone who your son or daughter can talk to if he or she has any personal health questions that may be too embarrassing to talk to a parent about. By helping to stay on top of your child’s health, the school nurse is able to prevent your child from missing too many school days. School nurses receive the necessary education and training to learn more about helping your child stay healthier and in the classroom more. This will increase the odds that he or she receives a quality education.

The Janitor

Most people may think of the janitor as the person who sweeps the floors or cleans the bathrooms each day. However, keeping a school clean is one of the most important jobs that an individual can have. If the trash isn’t taken out, it could attract pests or rodents, which may cause a variety of health issues. If a wasp’s nest or a termite colony isn’t taken care of quickly, it could result in a child being stung or a loose piece of wood falling and hitting your kid. Therefore, without a quality janitorial staff, your child’s education could be less than he or she deserves.


There are many individuals in and outside the classroom who play an active role in your child’s education. While the teachers get most of the credit, they can’t do their jobs as well if their students are injured, sick or scared to come to class because the school is dirty or unsafe.