My Room, My Playground

Child Play

There are many factors that you need to consider when decorating and designing a room for your small child. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to invest in furniture that’s really child-specific or to go with the big picture and get them furniture that can serve them for a long time. Whatever you decide, it’s important that the bed is safe and comfortable and the wardrobe spacious. If you’re interested in some extra tips to make your child’s room fun and inspirational, read on.

Install small shelves

You don’t need to cover the entire wall with shelves in your child’s room. Some parents don’t think that small kids even need any shelving in their personal environment. However, if you want to teach them about the importance of being neat and organized, shelves can be the best way to do so. Put up some small shelves that your kid can easily reach. Encourage them to start collecting something – specific toys, stones, figurines, etc. Let them use the shelves as a display for their collection. That way the kids will learn how to take better care of their things and feel proud to show off their collection to their friends and other family members.

The question of walls

The majority of parents want to indulge their kids and cater to their current interests. This is completely fine. However, when it comes to the child’s room wall décor, you should never try to use their interest in books, TV shows, superheroes and similar to create permanent décor solutions. In that respect, avoid using murals and really specific paint color combos that may simply stop being interesting to your kids after a while. Instead, opt for wall stickers and posters. If you really want to surprise them, bed sheets and pillows with their favorite characters is the right way to do so.

Child Creativity

Encourage the child’s creativity

Room design and décor can play an essential part in encouraging your child’s creativity. For example, make sure that you use one wall or a part of that wall for chalkboard paint. The kids will be able to draw their own wall décor for a long time, and it will always be something that they find fun. In the same vein, you should get your kids some other pieces of décor that can instill the love of learning and boost the creative skill. Really interesting wallpaper with plenty of pattern and color is a great choice. Moreover, you can find amazing cheap rugs that will feel both comfortable and spark your child’s creativity. There are plenty of these rugs that use letters or numbers in order to make the child interested in learning.

Child Playing

Other details

If you want to really help your kid get more organized and still add a nice touch to the room décor, choose a nice and colorful toy box. However, be very selective in your choice of toys. Educational toys and those that can boost your child’s imagination are perfect for a young age. It’s important that you realize that the kids don’t really need tons of toys – the ones that are fun to play with are the ones that count. Other pieces of décor could include a drawing desk or even a small easel. If there’s enough space in the child’s room, you can really create a special atmosphere by introducing children’s swing hammocks. You can make this swing yourself as well. Just make sure that they are close to the ground, with plenty of soft floor cushions and even lazy bags around.

When designing and decorating your child’s room, it’s important that you don’t try to overstuff their room. Small kids don’t really need a lot of furniture. And if you stay practical with toy selection, children will have enough space to enjoy spending time in their own room as if they were playing on the playground.