Spice Up Your Graduation Gift with a Plush Selfie!

Graduating is a big step in the life of a student that they will want to remember forever! What better way to make a permanent memory than with a plush graduation Selfie?


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Graduation is a huge part of any student’s life. From a kindergartener completing their first step of academia to a college grad celebrating their last, graduating is a significant event that deserves recognition.

Doctorate selfie graduation gift
One can never be old to enjoy getting graduation gifts – plush selfies included. This is a Selfie of a student adorned with doctoral robes!

Sometimes it can be difficult to express how proud one is when a loved one walks across a graduation stage. Flowers and cards are heartfelt gifts but lack a more personal touch, and while photos can capture the significant moment of graduation, they may be less exciting to give or receive.

Think outside of the box and encapsulate the moment of graduation — from a graduate dressed up in their cap and gown to a child with a certificate for graduating middle school — with a Selfie Plushie.

One mom, Karol Kemper, decided to get creative and give a Selfie for her daughter’s graduation and was thrilled by the result:

“Our daughter was graduating … and I thought a selfie graduation Budsie would be perfect, unique and one of a kind. So many parents had only flowers for their graduates, but we were the only parents with a Budsie of our Graduate!” Karol said.

Personalized NAU graduation selfie gift“[Our daughter] was thrilled to see her look alike Budsie,” Karol continued. “It was a hit with all our guests and all of our daughter’s friends. Everyone wanted to know where we got it. Thanks again, it was such a personal touch for her special day!”

Other parents and loved ones had a similar idea – giving their graduate of all ages a plush trophy signifying their accomplishments.

A graduation Selfie is not just for college grads either — a kindergarten graduate will be the envy of their peers when they share the stage with a plush likeness of themselves!

[UPDATE: You can now turn custom artwork into a one-of-a-kind plush! Make your own stuffed animal by clicking here to get started!!]

A Unique Gift Idea

A creative way to further personalize your graduation Selfie for your child or friend is to depict your graduate in the outfit of his or her future job. A grade-schooler who wants to be a veterinarian? Give them a Selfie that shows them rocking scrubs and a stethoscope.

Batman Halloween selfieMaybe your college grad is headed off to law school. He will have an extra boost of confidence when he sees his plush Selfie dressed in a suit and tie, ready for the courtroom!

Or your child may be set on taking over Batman’s job when they grow up… let them live their dreams and give them a Selfie of them dressed as their favorite superhero!

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