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Creativity is an important skill to encourage in children, but sometimes it is easy to turn on the television rather than come up with a few engaging ideas that encourage your child to think outside of the box.

So when hide and seek gets old, here are a few great ideas for scratching that creative itch that kids almost always get.

Squirt-Gun Painting

Squirt Gun Painting

This will turn any video-game and zombie-show loving child into an aspiring artist. Turn your backyard into an innovative art studio by setting up canvas “targets.” Then get some squirt guns and fill them with some watered-down paint.

It is best to have a squirt gun for each color, or shake up the squirt gun thoroughly when switching colors, as the watered down paint will mix easily.

Of course, if you have more than one child the Pollock-esque painting session may turn into an all-out paint war once they discover that their friends and siblings also make good canvases, so you’ll probably want to dress your child in some clothes that can afford to get dirty!

Recycling Toilet Rolls

It’s inevitable… there always seems to be toilet paper rolls lying around somewhere. Yes they make fun telescopes (for about three seconds), but then they end up on the floor and under couches. However, these paper tubes are a thrifty artist’s best friend! There are so many different things you can create with them.

Paper Tube Animals

paper tube animalsThe most important piece of this craft (other than the toilet paper tube of course) is the googly eyes — so be sure to pick up a pack of those! Or make a few pair of paper eyes, they work too.

Now choose one end of the tube to be the head. Fold either side over the other so it makes a “u” shape and there appear to be a set of ears. Now paint the tube any color and stick on those eyes. Using constructions paper, cotton balls, pipe cleaners and more, make arms and legs, tails, wings; anything that personalizes the animal and makes it more fun.

With the amount of used paper tubes that can build up over time, you are sure to have a paper tube zoo in no time!

Paper Tube Bird Feeders

paper tube bird feeder
This craft also includes animals, but the kind without googly eyes. This is an idea for a bird feeder that is easy and fun, and kids will love watching birds come and enjoy their craft!

For this project you need a toilet paper tube, peanut butter, and some bird seed.

Cover the paper tube in peanut butter and then roll the tube in bird seed. That is it! Put the tube on a branch or set it on a windowsill and watch the magic happen!

Kids will be ecstatic when they see how their creations can interact with nature, and will encourage them to get outside and appreciate their surroundings!

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Do It Yourself Scratch Art

cd scratch artThis is an easy craft and is perfect for recycling old and scratched CDs. Collect any unwanted CDs and get a tube of black acrylic paint and you are ready to go.

Paint the CDs with a thick coat of paint and allow to dry. Now have your kids carve in their designs on the dried CDs using a toothpick. Make sure they scratch deep enough — the shiny layer beneath the paint will bring their drawings to life and make any design pop.

These carvings can be displayed on a wall individually, or you can string up multiple for an interesting wall decor!

cd scratch artThese are just a few ideas for bringing out your child’s creative side! Creativity is a hugely important skill that should be encouraged, so make sure to find new ways to creatively challenge your child while helping them to have fun!

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