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Art Therapy is a technique that focuses on creativity and expression into a tool used to address mental and emotional issues and anxieties. Art therapists are specialists trained to implement this practice at its fullest potential and are a very important part of the therapeutic process.

However, there are many art therapy projects that can be done at home without the help of a professional; techniques that are great when dealing with things like stress or exploring self-expression.

Design a Postcard

Postcard Art Postcards are a fun and creative way to tell someone you are thinking of them, whether it is by sending a regional postcard while on vacation or picking one out that reminds you of a friend or family member. Take the creativity one step further and develop a postcard design of your own.

This can be a good expressive opportunity. Design the postcard of a place you would love to visit. Or write out something you want to get off of your chest, whether it is expressing your anxieties through a combination of words and design, or creating an apology postcard for a friend you may have hurt.

Whether or not you send the postcard is up to you. This can be an art project or it can be a chance to tell someone something significant. You can even burn it or destroy it as a symbol of moving forward with your life — from start to finish, this project is what you make it.

Draw Your Music

Abstract music drawingWe all have a favorite song that makes us feel happy, pumped, relaxed, ect. These songs are meaningful — they are comfort zones that we can retreat to or outlets that energize us. They are already a form of expression and therapy in their own sense.

Try listening to a favorite song (or favorite playlist) and giving it an extra dimension by drawing in response! Let your hand flow freely and don’t get caught up with “mistakes.” You are not illustrating the song itself, but instead, you are expressing how the song makes you feel.

This exercise allows you to become more introspective through meditation. It is simultaneously relaxing and enriching.

Create a Totem

Keychain art This exercise may seem simple, but it also has the potential for some deeper thought.

This totem will be a physical representation of something significant in your life. If you have a resolution you want to stick to, this can be a reminder of that. Or this can be a token of an accomplishment or strong relationship.

Start with something small — a good looking stone or a piece of wood, for example. Then write on it, bedazzle it, glue on some googly eyes, anything that makes it more special to you. Try to assign special meaning so that this totem will serve as a reminder. You can place it somewhere noticeable in your house or car, or attach it to your keyring and carry it always!

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Maintain a Garden

succulents art therapyBotany is just as much of an art as painting or sculpture and can be a very relaxing practice. Maintaining a full-sized garden is impractical for many, but taking care of a small plant or two can be very beneficial and calming.

If you don’t have a lot of yard space there is always the option of potted plants. Succulents are the easiest to maintain because they do not need to be constantly watered. Keeping up with the plants through weeding and watering can grant a small level of accomplishment and satisfaction, you are responsible for an ever-growing piece of art!

Green is also the most relaxing color to the human eye. While colorful flowers are certainly nice to have around the house, a splash of green will help to calm the atmosphere of your home.

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